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Things in the list of “Rialian, do not do this”

by rialian - March 29th, 2011

===I should not do a search on things involving my deceased brother. (I do have a still living one)

===Folks attempting to get me upset by playing off his suicide are not going to get me upset at what they say, but at the fact that folks think to do such things are amusing.  It is DEPRESSING to think that folks actually find amusement in doing such things.  The fact that this sort of thing proliferates is depressing. 

===I have an idea…instead of going out and finding things to mock, try creating something of interest that will make the world a better place.  Whatever you might say about my brother, he did do what he could to help others,and did a damned good job of it.  He enjoyed himself while he did it, as well…so you can laugh when you see a picture of him running through the woods with a cloak….he knew it looked silly…that was part of the POINT.  Someone mocking him for it does not make me ashamed of him…it makes me sad for the quality of the person mocking him. (grins)

===Yep, he committed suicide…He had done a very good job of dealing with sudden bouts of depression over the years (to the point that no one really KNEW just how deep it hit on those occasions), but a confluence of events hit at the wrong time, and the depression won. (One factor was probably his experimentations on diet, and he had been exploring a rather strict vegetarianism at the time.  He actually had succeeded in being able to eat legumes…which is impressive, as he had the more severe reaction than I do.  I suspect that the diet might have made him less resilient in terms of dealing with that depression, though.  This is not a slam on vegetarianism, by the by….it is a good thing for some folks, but probably NOT for my family.  I am rather more on the carnivore side of the omnivore spectrum, myself.  I do not know if he was taking vitamin B supplements as I understand is a strong suggestion for those on said diet.)

===He still did more good in the world than most of the folks that would fault him for being a bit goofy, and his willingness to let the more goofy bits of his belief explorations show. So I think that his hand in the game of life beats most detractors. (chuckles)


by rialian - March 29th, 2011

===Charles de Lint just came out with an album.  This is one of the songs:

Cherokee Girl by Charles de Lint (youtube video)

===I like this a lot.  (I am a fan of his writing, obviously.  I am impressed that he is also a talented musician)

===(here is his main site : Charles de Lint

So, what is happening today?

by rialian - March 28th, 2011

===Well, I am actually about to go get the ridge-pole for our soon-to-be chicken tractor/portable coop.  Probably should not be glancing at the internet….but did. (chuckles)

===Very occasionally, I will do a search on my name.  It will sometimes be rather amusing, and sometimes not.  I note that Rialian seems to be a name that some WoW folks apparently like.  This amuses me.

===I then came upon a discussion on if I was “fluffy”, in connection to my history to having dealt with “The Elenari”.

===Sometime I should do my rant on the “Elenari Mythos”.  I suspect it will amuse some, horrify others, and otherwise get me winning bottles of wine due to my once again being the person that smote their childhood in a past life and this one. 

===However, this bit will not be that rant.  I was more amused that folks consider the Silver Elves “Fluffy”.  I actually have read all their stuff…and I admit, I might have had a bit of a belief they were “white light and rainbows” early on….but you know what, anyone that has actually READ a large portion of their stuff is going to note that it is actually rather strong stuff. (admittedly, they are a good bit nicer than I am…but nice does not mean ineffectual or fluffy-airheaded.)

===Anyway, I do not frequent such boards these days…I am a bit too into my own thing, attempting to do the homestead/sanctuary with an elven awareness and such….  But if folks want to drop me a line with questions, I might write answers up in posts. (This will most likely be mainly on the blog at Thoughts and Considerations, with some cross-posting to the other journals if folks wish to see.)

Food and fun….

by rialian - March 24th, 2011

According to the Cornucopia Institute, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has confirmed that it will allow products containing unapproved synthetic additives in processed food labeled “organic” for an indefinite grace period.


===This sort of thing annoys the heck out of me.  When I go to get (whatnot foodstuff), I would prefer it to be simply (whatnot foodstuff).  My allergies are fun enough to deal with as it is.  I am rather annoyed that I have to be careful about what is in my BREAD, due to additives like SOY.  (sigh) Adding random substances to foodstuffs makes life more difficult. 

===Folks joke about elven sorts and otherkin in general having weird allergies.  A friend of mine was remarking that they may not be all that weird, it may be more that we are a bit more sensitive to things that are not properly termed “food”, and we simply observe that we are reacting to something, and actually do something about it.

===I am not certain I fully agree with them, but they do have a point. 

===One of the things that has led me to being more into things like sustainability and producing my own food has been the allergies and sensitivities I have.  The way things are going, I may soon not be able to eat almost anywhere outside what I know has been grown properly.  I keep getting rather clear notes from the universe that this is where things are going, every time I come across articles like the one linked to above, or I get a reaction to something I eat that I should NOT be reacting to, but do because someone thought that they should add something, or not note the change in formula/recipe …or like a conversation that I had with a friend that has been rather badly affected by increasing allergies…who decided to explore something I suggested they check out.

===You see, their allergies have been getting worse and worse…really kicking them down.  I suggested that maybe they might look at cutting gluten out of their diet.

===Allergies started decreasing.  Their ability to concentrate is improving.  This is after about a week or so of trying this out.  It is quite possible that a low end reaction to gluten was dropping their other allergy thresholds so that EVERYTHING was affecting them.  (yes, they could be called a bit fey..) I know someone else whose Crohns was being more problematic due to soy. (allergies forming relationships…to make the bearer’s life EVEN MORE FUN!  Whee!)

===I do wonder at the increase in various food reactions/sensitivities, and wonder if perhaps the upswing in gluten reactions are related to pesticide use…perhaps something we have not yet really tested for, a protein switch? 

===Anyway….just ranting a slight bit as food reactions are something I get to deal with, and adulteration of food in forms of fortification, or genetic manipulation, or added ingredients for whatthefrig reason, is a real issue for me. (sigh)

Permaculture videos and forums!

by rialian - March 20th, 2011

===Paul Wheaton’s Permaculture is a great place to watch short videos on various permaculture-related items….also take a look over at his Permies.Com Forums

===(He is up in Missoula, Montana….I have not been there in years, but it is an area I am fond of in memory, as my grandparents lived on the Snake river for many, many years.)

Music link of the day

by rialian - March 17th, 2011

‘Venus’ on the Glass Armonica in Hong Kong

===Ok…that is simply one of the most awesome instruments there is.

===A wonderful site on this is the Glass Armonica page

===Yes, I would want to have one.  Sadly, $7,000.00 is a bit out of my range at the moment.

===But I can so very much see one being played here at Mithlond….(grins)

(also, I have been working on learning my instruments better, and have figured out that midi files are VERY helpful.  Here is the site i have been listening to: The abc Notation Page ) I am currently tuning up the bowed psaltry I have, and going back and forth between it and the hammered dulcimer is actually quite helpful.

Oh, other projects…

by rialian - March 16th, 2011

===One thing I am playing a little with is biochar-producing camp stoves. 

===Here, have a link or two to look about at:

iCan TLUDs

1G Toucan TLUD

===I am a big fan of the rocket stove I have for camping (StoveTec Stoves , I have the earlier version of the wood/charcoal using one…which was cheaper when I got it), but I have been wanting to work with biochar to see if it is a good thing to use in the garden.  I also like to have backup cooking ability…so this is a fun project.

There may be pictures forthcoming…

by rialian - March 16th, 2011

===So, amongst the other projects I have had, one that has been waiting in the wings is to do SOMETHING with our old dead pavilion that died last year under the heavy snows.  This pavilion is actually one of those hollow steel (heavy) modular things that gets used as a temporary-ish garage by some some folks.  It got rather….wrecked…but being left up while we were not around to knock snow off of it last snow season.

===So, it has been lying under the house, waiting to be used.

===It is essentially metal pipes and shaped connectors.  It is now in a 6-sided configuration, slightly weird due to the bends in the ends of the pipes I salvaged. 

===We are not sure what this will become.  I could easily attach walls to it, I think…the roof will be interesting, possibly a tall pole, or pvc pipes bent into a dome formation.  We shall see.  It might become my rabbit hutch area, actually.

And now, the nicer, more elf-ane post..(grins)

by rialian - March 16th, 2011

===Actually, more homestead-y post, but in my case, it is all related.

===I have a few projects to get done around here at Mithlond:

—A number of rabbit hutches to build.

—A portable coup/tractor for the chickens (I am looking at the idea of a chicken tractor that carries the fencing needed to create an open paddock for larger areas.)

—Also, need to get to work on building my new Top-Bar Hive, with the thicker wood.

===We should be getting more straw in today or tomorrow, and that means I can get the rest of the garden sheet-mulched before the weekend, I hope.

===I am also plotting out the part of the field that we will be NOT mowing, as it has a fair number of black locust coming up…and that is what I will be basing my permaculture coppicing garden on. (grins)

A fine morning….FOR TEASING! (grins)

by rialian - March 16th, 2011

===First, the amusement of the other day….

===I slightly tweaked someone for their lack of response to folks sending them information that they have received from folks before.  I got my first response I think I have gotten from them in YEARS…as a result of my posting here.  it was less than a day, in fact.

===It should be noted that I am NOT maligning their timeline work, but more commenting on their lack of acknowledging (or using) data that has been sent to them via several folks.  Of course, it could be very well be that they have an excessive spam filter, and I do understand being busy….but you know, if you want to be seen as a serious researcher, you at least use the data sent to you, and let folks know in less than a year that you did actually get their data. (chuckles)

===And yes, I wrote them back the same day, after they wrote me a bit upset I had tweaked them.  It has now been more than a day.  So I am tweaking them again, and in fact encouraging folks to write here with things they wanted to submit, as it does seem that the response time here is in fact better than what they can expect from direct communication. (grins) I should also note that I have had folks actually REQUEST I do this.

===So…OPEN CHAT WITH THE RESEARCHER ON MY BLOG!  Please go to http://www.rialian.com/wordpress/ if you want a slight possibility of response from said researcher. (I will let them post up their links to their work…and if they do, I do encourage folks to assist them in getting things documented.  My slipping into Prince Righteous mode does not mean that I dislike this person…(laughter)

===Ok…Edited to add update:

===(More laughter) Just heard from said individual….who has taken my chiding very well.  They will be trying to be a bit better with the responding. (I should note, there are reasons I do not take on such a project…as I have been jokingly referred to as the email black hole…and I actually still need to send a box of stuff to Lupa that I rescued from a store that was going down that she had stuff on consignment at.) I still would not mind seeing conversation on the main blog, though..(grins)