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So far, so good…a fine Autumnal flow…

by rialian - October 15th, 2011

===Well, it has been an active one, and it has been an active one for a number of folks I know.  I am not really up for going into my own metaphysic thoughts on it as of yet, other than to say it seems to be one of long-standing issues coming to a head that are in your face to deal with.

===May all folks deal with those things with as much grace as they can.


===Around here, I have been trying my hand at building structures with pallets.  My results have been…mixed.  I will have workable structures before the serious cold hits.

===My original doe rabbit has produced a new litter, and they seem to be doing well.  I am counting 6 in this litter, but I have not pulled them out to do a thorough check of them all.  I have to get another full set of hutches done, partially for this batch, and partially for some new ones that a friend is getting to me in a month…one or two Flemish Giants to work with and see how they do for breeding.

===I spent most of today down in the general DC area…did not get down to the Occupy DC, as I was helping my brother’s family move their household.  That move is going well, but there is still a lot to do in the house they are moving into.  (very nice house, will do much better for them than the last one did….but it is definitely needing the work they are putting into it. The end result of all this will be an excellent home for them to raise a family in.)

=== I will possibly swing by the rumored Occupy Martinsburg event if it occurs, as I will doubtless be in the area sometime next week as it is.  (As you may guess, I fully support the idea of actually drawing unavoidable attention to the rather toxic relationship that corporations are having on the government.  Seriously…it boggles me to hear folks say they want corporations and businesses to run government.  They would rather have people they do not elect rule them, who only answer to the profit margin rather than to the needs of everyone that lives on the land?  Wow…(shakes head)

Cooped up? (An adventure in Pallet form…)

by rialian - October 7th, 2011

===It has been a busy bit of time…almost done building my chicken coop out of pallets, in between activities like watching children for friends and such….

===Using pallets for building needed structures is nifty.  My carpentry skills as they are currently leave something to be desired, and I need to get shelters built for my various animals and better spaces for storing my firewood….and I need it to be something I can afford. ‘

===Enter pallets. 

===Possibly the best site on this sort of thing is here: The Pallet Wood Shed, just showing a few things folks have been making with pallets.

===From what I have been able to find (and have confirmed with the pallets I have been using, at least), most are not pressure treated in the United States, they are heat-treated.  (there is no point in pressure-treating them, it costs more for something that they only use a few times and then get rid of).  This works well for my needs, as I do not want too many chemicals around my animals.  The cost is reasonable…the coop I am building will use 24 pallets, at a dollar a piece, about 15 thin cinder blocks (to keep the base off the ground), and some recovered metal roofing.

===I have a few more things to get (such as more hinges and possibly more screws), but the end is in sight.

===Once I am done with all this, I will get some pictures up.

breakfasts and life in general…

by rialian - September 26th, 2011

===What I am currently making more of: Recipe for Authentic English Muffins with Natural Nooks and Crannies.  These come out really, really well, and will probably become part of my general routine of things to make.

===I also highly recommend looking through her posts for the other recipes and for her exploration of what makes cast iron pans so awesome.  (as in, attempting to understand exactly what seasoning on a pan really is, and how it works)

===Let us see…I had a reasonably good weekend, got down to the D.C. area to a friends’ hosting of the Mad Scientists’s coffeehouse, and had a nice day yesterday going to my hammered dulcimer lesson and doing tarot readings in Berkeley Springs yesterday. 

===Today I am doing more work on the coops for the chickens, and this evening I am going to be hopefully finishing up my arrows.

===(also, finally got a Diaspora account to work… Rialian at Diaspora…we will see how that goes. (I tried under my “regular” name, but the server did weird things and I am still attempting to getting that to work properly) (interesting summary of what Diaspora could lead to here: https://ryanbrockey.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/diaspora-germinating-a-new-social-web/)

Morning….Labor Day edition…/Just before CTT

by rialian - September 5th, 2011

===First, a link:


===Looks like it has some nifty stuff, but it does commit the “crime” of using too much bandwith inappropriately.  Seriously….to many gadgets and minipages hovering in main pages, that take away (for me, at least) from what they are trying to say and do.  Even for someone with reasonably high speed internet, it is cludgy.  Some interesting stuff to look through, though.  (I REALLY dislike the pop-up-ish picture format that they use when you click on a picture.  Facebook and G+ use it as well, and it is really maddening to deal with.  Open it in a new tab or something….does this way of presentation actually WORK for anyone?)

===Right now drinking my coffee, as I was actually up at 4 this morning, checked the animals, and then went back to rest for a bit.  Gearing up for the week, which has Crossing the Thresholds occurring within it (grins).  It looks like it may be a bit damp, but I suspect it will go quite well.

===This is the first year I am not the main organizer for it…it had looked like I might be just starting work the week of it, so I had let my co-organiser know.  She arranged for other people to run it.  I fully approve of these people. (grins). 

===For those wondering…Yes, WTT and CTT will continue.  We will see if the current crew of folks running CTT want to continue after this, but if they do not, I will do what I can to keep it going.  The main blip this year was that I might not be able to to be on site for two of the days…as it stands, I will be there (I am making sure a few folks can make it out, actually…)

===Need to plot out my designs for the pallet-hood hutch and coop for the animals…(chuckles)

==+And with that, off to get some things done, before going off to make arrows this evening.

Quiet morning…thoughts on book boycotts

by rialian - August 31st, 2011

===First, a reading link: Eric Flint commenting on a letter from someone about boycotting Harlan Ellison

===This came from else-blog where someone was discussing authors with good writing, but problematic public beliefs/politics. (Such as the unfortunate aspects of Sanderson, Card, and McCaffrey) (Ok, I have not really gone for Card since Enders Game trilogy, and nothing by McCaffrey since the The White Dragon….hrm, no, might have read a bit later than that, I think I read up to the one they found the computer in, and thought that perhaps it …)..

===Personally?  I have a dislike for calls to boycott books or authors.  I do not particularly read some folks, but it is usually more that I do not like what they write, not because of their beliefs.  Some folks writing transcends their politics or places of broken.  I might not want to hang out with them (ever), but I will read their books.  Some folks I like their books, I like them,…but dislike how they are online.

===We will not get into too much of my feelings on failfandom at the moment, though their behavior often makes me remember that there are activists for justice, and activists for vengeance….and many of the folks into boycots are failing to make the world a better place because vengeance tactics do nothing but show you dislike someone…it does nothing to show how to do things better.  (The best solution is to show the alternative result and how that manifestation is better.)

Mithlond Weekend still on!

by rialian - August 25th, 2011

===It looks like the hurricane is not supposed to really affect us here at Mithlond, so we are still on!  I will be here, so feel free to show up around 5 or later if you are coming. (please still let me know that you ARE coming.)

===I got a fair bit done today…harvested the carrots, re-planted the gardens by the house with vegetables and greens for the autumn harvests, and generally cleaned a bit more.  I will be taking the chicken out of the freezer to defrost and cook. Will probably be making crepes for folks, I think.

All is well…

by rialian - August 24th, 2011

===Apparently there was an earthquake yesterday.  I was driving in the DC area, and did not feel it.  My theory is that the earthquake was visiting others, and decided to not bother me while I was doing errands.  I can appreciate the thoughtfulness.  (chuckles)

===Currently getting things cleaned up around here for Mithlond Weekend…For those with allergies, I am afraid we do not have a properly set up cat free area. We had hoped to have an area set up for our friends with allergies, but it looks like we cannot pull that off as of yet.  (What I need to do is get that planed Yurt together so that I can have a comfy outside-but-not space for people.  Get a nice wood stove going in the center, it would be a wonderful autumnal gather-space.)

===Hoping to get to help some folks with building some pallet-coops this week, so I can learn how to do it and make some for here.  They looked like a good way to make structures for the chickens and rabbits for the coming winter.

===So…I need to take the old culvert (plastic) to the transfer station, get the autumn plantings done (I picked up some plants for the close-to-house gardens to transition them to fall.), tracking down a few materials we need for the mulching projects (I really need to boost the organic materials in the soils here, and I am going to be stacking as much manure and straw/hay in the mid–part of the main garden as I can, and if I get the bales I am hoping to get, start getting the windbreaks up for the coming winter for the hives. 

===But first…coffee. 

Mithlond Weekend!

by rialian - August 22nd, 2011

===That would be the weekend approaching!

===Who shall be attending?  Remind me, let me know….please confirm with me. (grins) Doors open as of Friday afternoon.

===I have survived my travels to see friends in New Jersey, “crossing the streams” as it were in having some college friends meet some fo my friends from the Thresholds crew…(That went well, I think…(grins)), survived my birthday on Friday, and had a good time at a housewarming party up in PA on Saturday (did not enjoy the towing mafia up that way.), and also helped some friends move on Sunday.  So, this week will hopefully be a bit less eventful, and we will see folks here! (grins)

Possible Mithlond Weekend

by rialian - August 13th, 2011

===Ok, we have one person saying that the last weekend in August would work for them.  (This would be the 26th to the 28th.) This is two weeks before CTT, but I think it is quite doable.

===After CTT I am sure we will host a few folks if they like…those folks that might like, need to check with me to see if there are slots open in the house. (grins)

===Folks visiting will get to see all the new stonework we have been doing around the new culvert.  I am rather pleased with the effect.

===Not much else to report at this time…I hope folks are having a fine weekend.

Pointing out a friend’s shop….

by rialian - August 10th, 2011

Green Bunny Hats