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Looming over things….

by rialian - July 21st, 2011

==Oh, good…I have been looking for videos of someoen working with a loom like mine:

Weaving on the Schacht Table Loom

===Mine is based on this design…some differences, such as mine being a fair bit larger, but this will be a great help in learning how to use it.  ((I have a fondness for hand-woven things, and I have been wanting to learn how to do this for years.))

===This is actually how we do things….We find something of interest, obtain a version of what we want to learn…and then have it about until the fact it is THERE drives us into actually working with it.  We do not like things sitting around gathering too much dust.  Sometimes, you just have to do the outlay and get something, then have it there, ready for when it pretty much drives you to use it. (I had the hammer dulcimer for about 6 months to a year until we actually started the lessons.  That has worked out well, and I have every belief that the time for the loom has come.)

===I have a few friends that are spinning and knitting geeks.  Sadly, they work mostly with wool..(which I react to a bit.) I plan to see about obtaining/growing things like flax.and trying out different natural fibers.  This of course probably means I will need to learn to spin.  Home industry….it beckons….(chuckles)

In the heat…..

by rialian - July 21st, 2011

===For the first: The website for Crossing the Thresholds 7 has been updated!.

===I am rather pleased with the folks that have picked up the slack that developed with my being (possibly) unavailable for the daytime hours of Thursday and Friday, and apparently the co–organizers scheduling issues falling during the same time.  I will be presenting (working on developing an appropriate workshop).

===I MAY be there the entire time…with the position I am going for, it can take a few months to get all things in order, but best to not set up last-minute issues to go boom if they suddenly decide that they need me at the very same moment that the event opens up.

===In other news…it is rather warm.  This narrator of his own life is staying out of the heat, as he is not designed for stifling warmth that will feel like it is over 110 degrees F (Yes, I use Fahrenheit, not Celsius.  It is what I grew up with, and I am not great in translating them across to one another,) Thankfully, the house is well designed, and I do not expect to use the air conditioner until a bit later in the day, when the western sun warms us up a bit more than the morning and early afternoon does. I actually suspect in the next few years this effect will get less intense, as the forest to the west grow back.

===As it gets warmer, I will be putting ice in with the rabbits to help them deal with the heat.  Rabbits are fine with cold temperatures, but heat is not good for them at all.

Not a bad weekend, overall…

by rialian - July 18th, 2011

===I got most of the paperwork I needed to get done, done. (sending off some stuff that needs to be hardcopy today…we got ink for the printer, after we finally remembered that we needed it and had the information with us to get it.  I di wish they designed computer printers these days to just need ink,not weird little cartridges.

===Ah, well…

===Anyway, things are going well here at Mithlond.  I got the comfrey plant in a pot separated out into multiple plants, in different pots. (I am going to get these up to speed, then plant them in about a month in a few places.) Comfrey is perhaps the favorite treat/supplement I give to the rabbits.  They run up to get their leaf.

===I actually chatted at length with a friend on the phone yesterday…and it was a very good thing.  (I have a cell phone and a landline….but I really do not like talking on the phone for long under most circumstances.  I just do not get the added aspects of feedback from a phone conversation, and when the sound does odd things like a lot of the cell phones/skype does? (It is like something of the voice is stripped out, and it makes it harder for me to really interact with.  Last night was one of those times it did not do this.)

===This week is looking to be a warm one….so I will likely be keeping to the shade and the cooler places during the day.  I have more research to do on getting my loom threaded up right and to get that going….I have plenty to do while it is rather to hot for me to be risking the heat.

===Oh, and I have an essay or three to get up as well…(chuckles)

Note on CTT

by rialian - July 16th, 2011

===Edited with new info:

===It is happening September 8-11 this year.

===Due to a number of things going on at the moment, I am not as involved in the planning and such.  If you are attending, it is best to contact Andy Cowan at : awc34@cornell.edu directly. He is handling a lot of the logistics and the paypal (he is handling registrations: same address applies) Apparently Jade has similar scheduling issues to me this year…many thanks to Andy and a friend or three that are stepping up to make things happen!

===I should be there…just not as early as usual. 

Mithlond Weekend Approaching…

by rialian - July 16th, 2011

===August 29, 30, and 31st…folks are welcome to begin showing up around 5:30 or 6 on the 29th,

===I am still planning out what activities might be happening….I know there will be a trip into town on Sunday, as I have my Dulcimer lesson, and the Farmers Market happens at that time.  The farmers market has awesome stuff, and for plant-oriented folks, we have a great live herb plants vendor there. (I got my Mandrake from them, for example….)

===I might have the archery range up by then….it is coming up upon Pensic, so I have not gotten to sit down with the folks i am learning to make arrows from to make a full set.  I also have to make a proper hight target for the throwing of knives and axes. (hey, we all have hobbies.  I happen to like nonviolent use of weapons that do not make loud noises…)

===I MAY have the table loom set up by then as well. 

===We should warn folks that we now have felines in both sides of the house, which is a change from the last time we ever had Mithlond Weekend.  Maeve is still being integrated with the rest of the feline household, so she is still in the kitchen/loft side of the house.  Some folks have, in the past, camped out near-ish to the house….this is certainly an option…we have a lot of woods and open spaces.  (I will eventually have a yurt for such events…for one, I LIKE yurts, and it would be nice to have an outside the house-but sheltered and home-y space for folks to be in in case of weather/needs for private space.)

===We now have the chickens producing, and if folks let me know a bit ahead of time, I can make sure I save enough eggs for folks to get some. I should have some fresh zuchinni and squash, and possibly watermelon.  (I have been valiantly combating the squash bugs, and so far have been doing well in taking them out by hand before they do much damage.) No rabbit meat for the carnivores as of yet…but I do have a source for some really good chicken.

===As always, donations for food things are much appreciated (as in, bring things or just donate some funds….if you are traveling a bit, I have no problem picking things up this way.)

===Time to get the hearth space back up and open for folks….I am looking forward to it.

Progressively odd…

by rialian - July 15th, 2011

So, I have glanced in on an ongoing chat in an LJ, which is really about just teasing Nick Mamatas for kicks….but this one has brought up some interesting issues I look at in general conversation.

===A lot of people use the term “fuck” as an expletive….I know I do on occasion when not thinking about it.  This is not about that, but more about how the spin of language is used, and what it represents.  Expletives used as a sudden reaction to something is learned, something that is a bit different than when used in longer-form communications.

===I tend to get a bit twitchy when I hear folks talk about (fill in the blank person), and then say “fuck them” or that they are “butthurt”, or whatever other sexual reference is used.  The rather clear and obvious inference is that sex IS appropriately used to degrade another person…and that sex IS degrading is part of that mental construct.

===I happen to like having sex.  I consider sharing oneself with another a beautiful thing.  Why would anyone want to link this with violence and degradation of someone else is a fair bit beyond me.

===(As I posted to Will Shetterly’s LJ, I do not think that the person he is arguing with is homophobic, I think his underlying social belief is that sex can and should be used as a tool to degrade others.  I think Will knows this too…I think he is just having fun really running this guy into a tizzy.  (Yes, I am aware that the person he is teasing is the one that wrote the infamous article on otherkin “elven like me” so many years ago.  It is kinda sad to see how he has developed into such a nasty human being….especially as I have some respect for a few of the folks that know him in person and like him.  I have strong suspicions he may be yet another person that is a perfectly good quality human being, when not influenced by the internet asshole personality mod, like I talked about earlier in : Fine authors, awful internet (inter)face. )

===Edited to add: This also has nothing to do with various people’s kinks of BDSM or whatnot. What consenting adults do with each other?  Not my issue.  I am much more discussing how folks use language, and the assumptions/social ecology such things reflect.

Mornings and thoughts…

by rialian - July 11th, 2011

===First, a link to my favorite type of coffee maker: Vacuum Pots

===This morning sees me gearing up a bit in my head to start working on the process of possibly getting a new job.  The local social services are hiring, and it has been a while since I had the option to get back into this field…one I was REALLY good at.

===Of course, if the timing happens as it might, should I get the job….it will mean a lot less free time for a while, and I will likely not be able to attend events except for the weekend bits and evenings if they are close by (such as the upcoming CTT…thankfully, I only semi-run that event, and I should have leave by the time that WTT rolls around.)

===The position will be rather close to here….so I would be able to keep things going around here as well.  Not bad at all.  (I have an interview this week….(grins))

===I have missed my old professional work…the populations I have been working with for the past 10 years have been interesting, but I was really good at getting families to work on their issues and I had a rather high success rate in foster care reunification and permanency planning (when reunification was not a good idea/not possible).

===Even if I do not get the position, it feels like things are moving in a good direction. (grins) Options are opening up, that work with my long-term goals.

amongst other things…

by rialian - July 9th, 2011

===Yes, I have an active Google + account….and I still plan on using my other blogs. (grins) I will likely be notifying folks on G+ when I post here by a quick note there….but this will still be where my main stuff will be. (some mirroring to the LJ and DW…)

===Today, we are mainly getting ready for some guests tomorrow…I am taking the recycling out to the drop-off place, and picking up a chicken from some friends…(not butchering my own yet….). 

===Possibly looking at getting back into my old job field…still deciding if I really am up for it, as it does take a LOT to do…but I was REALLY good at it.  (foster care work, for those that do not know me in person) We shall see. 

===I have not forgotten about the post I was going to write more on (the “visiting dignitary” one…I am exploring a few more aspects of some current situations, their relation to past interactions with unrelated factors, and seeing what else informs my understandings….)

===The chickens are teasing me…they laid 4 the first day, and now only two are producing…As it is still early in their lives of production, this is to be expected..(it can take a few weeks to get regular in this regard)

Mithlond Weekend

by rialian - July 7th, 2011

===Ok, it looks like the weekend will be July 29 (afternoon-ish) to the 31st.

===Let me know if you will be coming to visit! (smiles)

various modes of contact…

by rialian - July 7th, 2011

===Ok, it looks like I got lucky and got both my regularly used names into google+ (the name you see here, and my regular people interaction name….(chuckles) If you are there, feel free to find me.  I decided to do both, as there multiple communities I interact with, that simple filters on one account does not cover well.

===I will still be posting mainly to my own blog, with cross-posts to LJ (and some things solely to LJ and DW), but I have been hoping for another linking platform that was a bit more intelligently run than Facebook.  G+ looks to be the answer to how to get information about to a lot of folks, and to be able to filter folks reasonably well, over to places that you want them to see.  G+ might actually be a good thin for the “social networking ecosystem”, where I find Facebook has not been so good.  We will see.

===It is good to have out there, but I also like having a blog on a server that I have a bit more control in my dealings with, and will probably be letting folks know on the G+ blog when updates have happened here, rather than mirroring content.  I happen to like the wordpress-based blog, and the community of folks on LJ and DW.

===Oh, a tech note.  For those folks using Iceweasel, or are having issues with your firefox-based browser “not being supported”…download the Firefox Useragent switcher, and then go HERE.  This has made me able to use my main browser with G+.