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It is evening….

by rialian - July 6th, 2011

===Today was mostly spent getting things done so that my father’s truck would pass inspection and come to my domicile. It is now here, it is huge, and is likely to be only used to haul things we need…as it is indeed a huge thing that gets not the best gas mileage this side of a hummer….though I do have reason to believe it is both more useful and more efficient than a hummer.

===Our chickens have come of age, and we have 4 hens, 2 roosters.  I can say this is the case as I found 4 eggs today.  They are smaller than usual, as is to be expected from their first eggs.  They will be probably breakfast tomorrow, as is the path of many a proto-chicken homunculi encased in calcium carbonate.

===(it has been a long day….my sense of humor is in one of those odd places. 

===And now, a word from Australia, land of rampaging marsupials of doom…
The mighty Wombat that roams the wilds….

Gardens coming together…

by rialian - July 4th, 2011

===I just got back in from picking up some potting soil, and rescued 3 muscadine grape vines and a peach tree.  I will be amending the cheap potting soil (which is really just a light top-soil-ish thing) with rabbit manure and worm compost.

===Planting the new batch of potatoes today, in a “potato tower” setup nearer to the house.  I am learning from my neighbors and local friends travails, and using peat moss for this rather than straw…as the ground-bees apparently REALLY like nesting around potatoes in straw.  (the peat moss is something I have been meaning to use, and this is a great way to get the next beds processed and ready for the winter plantings.)


===Still plotting out the next Mithlond Weekend…it is very much looking to be the last weekend in July.  the “formal” announcement will be made by mid-week, I think.  As always, the Mithlond weekends are not an “open” event.  Drop me a line, and I will tell you if the mix of folks attending will work out.  If you want to bring a friend, check with me first.  I will most likely say it is fine….but I like to know who is going to be in my house. 

this and that…

by rialian - July 1st, 2011

===Just got introduced to this: squareup.com…have signed up for it to test it out.

===I occasionally do tarot readings for folks, and this might be a nice thing to have available when I need it.  I have written them to ask about some things in their rules….it has the usual verbage about not using it for things like gambling and such, but it also mentions the occult….which I have to ask what their definition is.  Hopefully, a tarot reader can be aloud to use this. (or my friends that make interesting jewlery….etc..) It looks pretty solid for “regular crafters”…I will let folks know if I find out anything about some of us more “fringe” sorts.

===EDIT TO ADD: got a response….:
“Thanks for writing in! Defining occult itself can often be challenging since it often becomes a “I know it when I see it” scenario, but the type of business you are in is low risk. Given all your transactions will (likely) be in person with the card present, the risk should be minimal and we have no reason to restrict your type of business”

===I would say that this works for me. (chuckles)

===(I got top see the hardware and software last night…it is very nice, and portable.)

===I was out much of the day today….had to go see my new nephew.  Those folks that know me on F’book…please no mention there, my brother and his wife are not fans of F’book, and have no wish to have any mention of this there. (they have F’book for a few things, but RARELY mention anything there, and have actually said nothing about the pregnancy there….(chuckles) I am their official “crazy uncle (my name here)”.

===And now….off to get some things done around here.  Have a great evening!

For your handmade shopping..(grins)

by rialian - June 26th, 2011

Foxtail Woodcrafts

===This would be the person who made my first Top-Bar hive, and our really nice table loom.  Great person, very nice work.  He has always been good, but he keeps refining and getting better.

Green Bunny Hats

===Another very cool person, who makes hats, and also has a makeup artistry business:

===One of these days I should get a page up of the various things folks I know are up to…(grins)

Fine authors, awful internet (inter)face.

by rialian - June 24th, 2011

===So, I have seen a slight bit of the most recent Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) fiasco. 

===This is yet another case of folks that should not be interacting on the internet. 

===I draw attention to this (found when looking at the most recent incident): scott_adams_sock_puppetry_scandal

===I have seen this dynamic before.  For those familiar with Robin Artisson, I am certain that you are having flashes of recognition of this sort of behavior. (for those not familiar, Artisson is a rather well known individual in pagan internet circles…in that his behavior online is JUST LIKE THIS….but with more sock puppets.)

===He also happens to be an excellent author, that I will suggest that folks read because his stuff is actually worth reading. I have several of his books, and I really like them….

===It is almost like there is a total disconnect in personalities.  The side that produces wonderful stuff (The Dilbert comic/Artisson’s various books) is NOT the person/persona that inhabits the internet.  I suspect these people are actually fine in person as well.

===Then you get them on the internet, and it is like they decided to let the inner twit take over that part of their lives.  It is like they are full people everywhere else, but have them interact with the internet, and the “Id” is the part of their soul that links in. All their personality when on the internet funnels through that. 

===So, I can read Dilbert and I can read Artisson’s stuff, and have a great appreciation that they are out there…(although it remains to be seen if Adams can keep the online person from taking over the artist person…Artisson has so far proved that they ARE different, and I raise a glass his direction for that), but greatly dislike the person they are online.

“When you’re up in the rigging, don’t rest both feet on the same line.”

by rialian - June 23rd, 2011

===Just a great line that someone quoted in their blog, and it sang right…(grins) (it is apparently from
A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffet.)

===I do not do a whole lot with boat imagery, (I am a bit more of the ecology mythos myself….spiders and fungi and webs of relation), but this rigging one is timely, and I can work with it.

===I recently had a line slip on me….possibly several.  I explored a bit of a thread, and then apparently had it throw me when I stepped on it at the wrong time.  Honestly, I am not sure where that line is now….but at least I know now not to step there. I know to not have that as a load-bearing part of the rigging of the boat of my life.  Perfectly fine to have them aboard, (and hopefully will have those threads in my life…I rather like them.), but I cannot trust my weight to those lines. 

===To get away from the boat imagery (I like boats, but I am far more a forest creature….) My wife and I have discussed my relation to various social gestalts and groups, and we have an understanding of it. : I am not really a member of any, but more a “visiting dignitary”.  Problems arise when I forget that relation point, or the system decides that I have to have a formal place in their structure.  It is one of the reasons I do not join groups, really….and that I avoid formalization as a gear of social connections.

===That does seem to be one of the defining aspects of being elven, honestly…we all seem to be more of the “visiting dignitary” sort when it comes to most social structures and relationships, and things get wierd when things get formalized. Even our “formality” is the sort that proper visitors have for another’s space. (a thought I should return to, I suspect….)

===Ah, well…it is now time to get some things done about the hearth and land….and be happy with the lines that let me know they are about. (chuckles) (Some visiting dignitaries send nifty cards in the mail….I just got one really nice one and it helped recalibrate some things for me.  I will probably start using my typewriter to send out similar correspondence to honor that bit. (grins)

Morning and coffee….(and schedulings)

by rialian - June 22nd, 2011

===Ok…looking at the weekends, I am still checking a few things before I set the Mithlond Weekend date.  I am inclined to go for the mid-month rather than the end of the month of July (although I can be swayed…).  I assume that most folks would not want it to be the weekend just before the 4th of July, as I suspect many have family plans.  I do have a pull to do it the 16th-17th, but I am noting that some folks would like it towards the end of the month (and I have not seen those folks in years, so they do get a bit more weight in my planning (grins)

===Looking ahead, I will try to have the August one to be mid-month….I will be deciding between the 13-14 and the 20-21st.  (might not do the latter, as my family might want to do something for my 9-months-after-conception day, which is that Friday) (edit to add: hrm…there might be an interesting event the 13th of August I might look at attending….will need to check that out, and schedule things appropriately…)

===As for possible activities I am planning?  I am due to make another mead…..and I do want to get a crafting thing done as well, I think…hrm….possibly get the loom strung up and something started. (seeing as I have one, and have yet to learn/use said loom, and it has been nudging my brain to use it…(grins) We shall see. 

Mithlond Weekend: the restart!

by rialian - June 18th, 2011

===Whilst in the midst of getting ready for visitors tomorrow, it occurs to me that it is a good time to set up the re-start of Mithlond Weekend. 

===So, I will be checking my calendar, and will have one probably in mid-July.  Let me know if you are interested!  (By then, the Yarrow beer should be ready, a goodly amount of things from the garden…and I will have an interesting thing or three planned.  (actually, I hope to have the archery range set up by then, as I will have my arrows made.)

rising sun…

by rialian - June 17th, 2011

===Currently listening to Irfan …quite nice.

===At this time of year, the sun rises in just the right space of the mountain that it angles exactly right to hit me in the chair I sit in drinking my coffee in the kitchen….and then it is blocked by the trees a bit.  Very nice. It is now misty, as the heavy dew evaporates a bit off the long grass.  It was not misty before the sun rose.

===Today will mostly be a day in the garden, as I need to redo some fencing and neaten things up a bit as we are to have visitors on Sunday.  (I needed to do more spot weeding as it is, as the second wave of planting needs to be started up.  The more entertaining issue will be the fencing, as the grass between the fences has gotten rather high, and needs to be trimmed…..which is fine on one side to do, but the poison ivy has gotten thick on the side where the beehives are.  I will likely be simply smother-mulching that side.)

Settling in, thinking….

by rialian - June 16th, 2011

===Getting back settled in a bit here at Mithlond…the event was good, (not the best one I have had personally, but it looks to have been really good for a number of folks, which is why I run it, honestly.)

===The earlier post I made on the drama-person was more about my chagrin at how folks interpret what I do and why, than stressing about this sort of person.  I personally do not normally go to things that I know the organizer is not friendly towards me….it is a question of respecting hearth.  You simply do not do such games.  The fact that this person was trying to gather attention to himself to get the host “overruled” in some way is really, really odd.  Personally, I would just start another event, not on the same weekend, and see who comes.  Create something, do not try to whip out your rod and piss in my hearthfire…(chuckles) Elves tend to follow flows, not people.  Folks come to my event because it does something for them, not because of any particular allegiance to me. (chuckles) It has been interesting chatting to a few folks about the perceptions of my being “a leader”…I disagree with the LEVEL some of these folks place my status at, because the overall “social group” can and will run things themselves…often do, and people have a choice in going to this event or that.  I happen to run one hearthspace.  This does not make me the leader….but yes, I do actually get to have rules for attendance at my hearth, whether it be my house or something I run.  How this places me above and beyond anyone else that could run something and invite others to, I have no idea.

===I have had this sort of thing happen before, and it will happen again.  I have had a bunch of folks freak out at me for having standards in regards to folks attending my events, and get really upset that the gathering was not “truly open”. I had several folks decide to attend the event, pretty much to glare at me or to fight my pernicious influence…(and try to get folks to keep me from wearing jewelry….no, I am not joking….). There are a number of sites out there that make some interesting claims about me, which are because I was willing to stand up to their behavior and say “erm…no, you do not get to do this HERE.”.

===There are people that honestly believe that the only people with rights to strut are themselves, that they have an inalienable right to make life difficult for others to make themselves feel better/maintain their identity.  Anyone willing to stand in their way, must be dealt with.

===(chuckles) Meanwhile, Thresholds is still going on, and folks are getting to attend and hopefully not have to deal with them.  If part of that price is that I get to win bottles of blueberry wine for their public displays of stupidity about me?  Oh, I think I will live (quite well, in fact) (GRINS)

===(Edited to add: I should probably note that I actually had no idea about this drama until after the event started, and had not seen the “open letter” until someone made a point to send it to me…mostly out of amusement as they have a slight hobby of collecting the outrageous stories of my mighty power over all, and then having fun teasing me about each one they find.)