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The winds have passed…for now.

by rialian - April 28th, 2011

===Currently listening to this: Wu Man, the reigning virtuoso on the ancient four-stringed instrument the pipa.  Absolutely amazing.

===I have a number of things to get done today, including getting the oak leaf wine started.  Of course, part of that will involve wandering the woods, and if I happen to find morels…well…(grins)

===Nifty blog found: Daughter of the Soil A musician’s adventures in experimental horticulture Her book on breeding potatoes looks to be quite good.

===The subject line is referring to the spat of high winds and storms that have been spawning tornadoes over a very large swath of the southern United States, and the upper edge thereof is up here.  We have not had any to my knowledge, but there have been warnings.  Welcome to climate change, where severe weather was kinda predicted.  Wind protection is going to be part of a lot of the design stuff we do up this way, I think.  (I already knew that, being out here full-time has confirmed that insight.)

Elven organisation…(or Lack Therof)

by rialian - April 27th, 2011

====From my own observations, elven sorts really do not have “leaders”, and really, it could almost be seen as an indicator that someone really does not “get it” if they WANT to be a leader. (chuckles) Elves that are into having titles and “Sovereignty” tend to be seen as having a bit of a mental illness…we will humor them on occasion, if they are otherwise doing good things, but really….it is not considered the best of fashion accessories.

===You do not really organize elves.  You start something, and if it has that depth of “right feel”, others either find themselves joining in, or they are already doing it without being aware you were doing it.  The person that has the “deepest flow-connection:” tends to be “the leader”, if there is a point to having someone organize something for the short-term action.

===Elves tend to organize around concepts and feeling of rightness…not people.  There is almost a “field” that forms, that deepens, when something is of right action. (this is actually something that Nicolas De Vere describes rather well in his first book, The Dragon Legacy: The Secret History of an Ancient Bloodline. when he goes into the whole grail code. 

=== (Cyber-Alfheim is the site I would personally suggest looking at if you are interested in De Vere…it is not his, and seems to be one of the more sane ones out there, by the by)

===My overall thoughts on De Vere and his stuff I will put in another post sometime….I will say here that he has some very insightful stuff, but he also has a fair bit of the crazy that elves look at and go “erm…ok….Good stuff there, but you really might want to watch where you are going…..no…really….please, that wall of spikes might hurt. ”

===Perhaps the best shorthand way to describe the “elven leader”" is to consider them the best embodiment at the time of the flow being manifest.  The proof is not in the competition, but in the manifestation and the draw it has on others.  Most times, elves tend to find themselves in similar flows and trade notes to make it easier for each to refine themselves better.

Elfy things…

by rialian - April 27th, 2011

===People sometimes ask why I do not post a lot more on the elven stuff I do….

===Well, part of it is due to having a number of folks about that have a tendency to react…oddly…to things I write.

== I have at least one person that seems to be on a quest to be the “Next Rialian”, who will be the organizer of the elven/otherkin folk, and awaken everyone.  (Throw in the standard “if you will not be the King/mentor/idol that I adore, I will throw a hissy fit and try to destroy you!  (And take your place!)(side-note….that role?  Not mine.  Was warned about this possible problem, and did not act appropriately by running the first time I was warned of.  erg, erg, erg.) (Another note, reason this is an issue for me is that the last time I had someone like this, from this current, it went “oh, you were my bestest friend in that reality” to my quite narrowly escaping possible death due to my not fitting their image, and that person deciding that I was under the evil influence of Spider, was sending out evil things that they had to destroy, and was just waiting for the (quite possible) nod from their “queen” to kill me when i was not in a position to get away easily .  I might be over-reacting…but I am not going to be putting myself in a situation like that again…)

==I also have the bunch of folks out there that identify as “Elenari”, who are basing their reality-version on stuff out there that is partially mine and another Listarii, but was edited into a form that neither of us is really cool with….with at least one of the sites they are basing off of is run by a REALLY crazy individual that thought it was a nifty-cool must happen idea to put their astral lover into the body of a friend of mine (?)(I will not argue about whether this is even possible…more looking at the ethics/mindset needed to wanting someone to host one of your astral parasites for you to have sex with, rather than them…oh, that is just NOT my kink, thank you…..) (No, did not happen.  No, not linking to the site.  If you are into things elfy, I suggest you develop your ability to feel out what is right and not for you…as that is kinda what the more sane look for when we encounter you.)

==And then, there are the folks that are just out there to mock and find issue with anyone that thinks of themselves as “elven”. or “otherkin”

===All these factors pop up, and make one a bit less inclined to post stuff that is easily accessible.  I have better things to do than to have to deal with any of these folks.  It is almost enough to make one just want to take everything down, and just

===Then…I get the emails of cool people that pop by and say “thank you for your site”…and I find that I hear from some pretty sane folks that work with this…so I keep the site up.

===I think i may very well take a page from the Silver Elves, and post a bit more…eh, folks will take what I write and do very odd things, but hey…take what you will, and I hope it helps you find that best path for you. (grins) (Though I reserve the right to twitch when I see it used to support quite obvious deleterious behavior…ok? )(grins)

Oak leaf wine

by rialian - April 27th, 2011

===Well, the first batch of Oak Leaf Wine came out….amazing.

The base recipe:

pick a gallon oak leaves in early june (for us, right around now,
actually), Pour a gallon of boiling water on them, leave for 24 hours.

Strain them, add 4 lb sugar., grated rind of one lemon. Simmer for 30
minutes.. when cool add wine yeast and 3 juice of 3 sweet oranges.
Pour into demijohn and insert air lock. keep warm, ferment until
bubbles no longer form. Siphon off and store in sealed jar in cool for
6 months. Rack, bottle, and cork. Store for 6 more months.

(The recipe I am using comes from the excellent book : The Woodland Year)

I modified this, as I tend to just
ferment in one carboy, and I used less oranges. Mine was started last
year, and was bottled this year.

===Of course, this is the season of the oak pollen….which i react to.  One nifty thing about allergies is that you can actually observe things you would not normally notice….such as the fact that oak seems to like to release pollen really close to the twilight times…just after dawn, for about an hour or two, and around dusk.  This is slightly inconvenient for me, as I really LIKE being outside at these times, but I think I can put up with it.  (the rest of the day it is not really all that much an issue, unless the pollen mixes with something else.)

===I should have made more of the wine…and will be fixing that this year.  This was about a gallon and a half, and I think it is really good…so I will need to make at least 5-6 gallons of it.  (What I have is apparently not allowed to leave the house.  My wife really likes it, and we have to put a few of the bottles away so that we can see how it ages (from how it is now, it is looking to age beautifully into something even better.)

A fine morning…

by rialian - April 25th, 2011

===First, a link for folks interested in fairy tales: Cabinet des Fées.  Very good folk here, and the new project is looking very interesting. (We have I believe two of the collections in the house right now…I would have to check to see if we have the newest one.) .  I also would like to point you to the fine publisher Papaveria Press.

===The modern lore and tales of faery have some talented storytellers that keep the flows speaking.  I particularly respect these folks, who are “keeping it real” (grins).

===It looks like it will be a warm day today…not found any morel mushrooms as of yet, but i expect that they will be out sometime this week in the area.  This week looks to be a bit active: I have a guest coming out for a short bit sometime Wednesday afternoon, and lunch with my mother earlier that day…I also have a bunch of things I need to get done out here, such as get the hutches up a bit higher into a frame, and get the nesting boxen ready for the rabbits and the chickens. (Perhaps by next year I will be able to have the requisite “rabbit sitting on eggs” picture for the season..(grins).  I have a line on someone reasonably close that will have Guinea Fowl, so I plan to get a few of them soon to deal with the stink bugs that have invaded the land, and the dratted ticks.  (they are known for their skills in clearing an area of both)

===One of the things I do have to deal with, being up against a wildlife management area, is that I have ticks about.  I have had issues with them for a number of years now, and have finally decided that i have to do something about them.I prefer to have that control be something that works with the ecosystem, and that gives me tasty eggs and meat to eat. (grins)

===I have a more elf-specific post rolling about in my mind, which may go up this week.  A number of interesting things have popped up for me to write on.

===As folks might have noted, we got a bit involved in other projects, and thus there was no “Mithlond Weekend’” this month. (I know not to compete with May Day Fairie Festival at Spoutwood, nor would I WANT t to…they are awesome folks.  So I am going to look at a small thing in May, a bit of a “Pre-Thresholds” thing I think.

===Plans for Walking the Thresholds 14 are coming along…as they often do…which means that the workshops folks are thinking of running have not yet reached me. (chuckles) I know I will be offering at least 2, I think…

===and with that, I should be off to get a few things done about Mithlond!

Reading and sniffles…

by rialian - April 21st, 2011

===I may have very well caught my wife’s cold…so I am staying in mostly and taking care to not infect others.

===I found this wonderful story yesterday: Artiste Gullible: The back story…highly recommended.

===And now, a quick joy out to care for the animals, and then back to bed.

Visiting reality tangents….

by rialian - April 19th, 2011

===Posting as a separate entry, as the concept deserves it’s own thread! (grins)

===A friend on LJ had mentioned encountering a cross between a housecat and a domesticated female rabbit. From almost anyone else, I would be sure that they were pulling my leg, as that technically is not supposed to be even possible.

===However, there are folks that seem to access the same weird tangent of reality that waltzes in and lets us know it is there.  A good example would be that I have actually read articles from that reality, one of which was about a fox-cat viable hybrid. I know I read it, and it was a reputable source. The article no longer exists in this reality. It was not a “joke/hoax” article. I was not dreaming. It was there. It was around about a week, then stopped existing. Thankfully, I tend to know when these things are from the tangent.

===Over the years, I have gotten reasonably good at guessing when I am dealing with that “tangent world”.  Sometimes I get tripped up (there was that time when I was looking for an mp3 player that played OGG Vorbis…and quite definitely read that the specific model I wanted did so, and there were a number of articles.  My wife saw them as well.  So, we ordered it.  When it came in, it did not play Ogg Vorbis files…never had.  It was, in fact, the ONLY one of their line that did not.  Very odd.

===And then, sometimes…..the tangent reality waltzes back in and shifts the world.  and no one recalls it was ever different, except for folks that have that awareness….kind of reminds me of the story of the person that saved a lot of water after being warned that the water was going to go away, then get changed with a new water that would drive everyone that drank it insane.  It happened, and the only “sane” person in the world was this person.  They were seen as insane by everyone else….(they eventually duped out their water and joined the rest of the people.).

===I do not “drink the new water” so much as acknowledge that the shifts occur, and do not argue on old/new reality too much. It really comes down to a question of effort, and which one is better to encourage. (grins)


by rialian - April 19th, 2011

Cancer cause or crop aid? Herbicide faces big test

===Applying a lot of chemicals to the land is probably not a good idea….especially if they are poisons.

Poul Thorsen, the principal coordinator of multiple studies funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) used to deny a vaccine/autism link was indicted on April 13th on 13 counts of fraud and 9 counts of money-laundering. The charges relate to funding for work he conducted for the CDC, which claimed to disprove associations between the mercury-based vaccine preservative, thimerosal, and increased rates of autism.

===Interesting, is it not?  Wonder how folks will react to this one, considering the scorn heaped on Wakefield for his study (which said there MIGHT be a link, and that it should be looked at more…) As I have said, I think vaccination is a good tool, but we are not respecting the power of that tool, and are not being intelligent in its use.  Throw in the corporate angle….and it makes is sadly reasonable to be a lot less trusting of them.

Triangle Walks by Fever Ray video

===Ending with a nifty singer that I had been trying to track down since i had heard her on a Röyksopp video (Fever Ray main site

Rain again…

by rialian - April 19th, 2011

===I am glad the new queen came in yesterday, it would have not been so fun to open the hive to put her in today…(chuckles)

===Today is a baking bread and reading inside day….and of course doing some writing.

===I appear to have a squirrel the size of a small groundhog hoping nimbly though the woods.  This concerns me, as I did not know that giant squirrels could be that nimble…I actually thought is WAS a groundhog when it came over the western slope….but no, it was not quite that wide, and it has the tail of a squirrel.  I have seen some big ones about here, but this one was definitely the biggest one I think I have ever seen….about the size of one of my rabbits. 

===No…I will NOT be breeding squirrel-rabbits.  that cross, were it even possible, would be dangerous to us all. (grins)

===With this rain, I think the mushrooming season will be quite good….I will be keeping an eye out for the Morels for the next few weeks. (especially as we will be having a seriously warm day tomorrow, it seems, which I think will set them off, and I will be out in the woods as of Thursday..(grins)

And the queen arrives.

by rialian - April 18th, 2011

===They probably should have called me and had be pick it up this morning, but the bees arrived in my mailbox this afternoon!  So the queen is now safely ensconced into her hive, and the bees responded rather quickly….the hive perked up, and started acting normally. 

===Tomorrow I will likely go into the other hive and remove the bee package box and the empty queen box…and probably put another empty super on them to get them more inclined to go all out and store lots from the current nectar flow that just started up.

===Today was active…I walked the land to see how things were going.  No morels yet, but some stuff is popping up.  I expect by the weekend or early next week to see a lot more fungal activity. 

===While walking back from my neighbors through the woods that are between us, I found a small colony of garlic mustard.  Now, this is a wonderful plant in europe…it is not so good for the ecosystem here, as it will disrupt mycorrhizal fungi of our forests.  Thankfully, it is a very tasty plant. I decided to make a simple pesto (just olive oil and lots of leaves.)…wonderful stuff.

===it makes more sense to use things that are “invasive”, than to use poisons, if you ask me.  We brought it here for food, after all.