WtT 7 Workshops

JUNE 3-6, 2004, Four Quarters Farm
PO BOX 11, Rockville MD 20848-0958

Fencing - Learn the intricacies of the sport from the expert (Aladar)

Runes 101 - basic introductory information on the runes and their meanings. (Silvaerin'a)

Get Stoned! Explore the magical and physical properties of common and not so common (though local to Nova Scotia) rocks and minerals. This has a heavy Nova Scotia slant, though other stones are mentioned. (Silvaerin'a)

The Big Bang: where physics meets magic. What do physics and magic/spirit have in common?? Find out. Disclaimer: Most of this is my own slant on physics, and I'm not in any way a physicist. (Silvaerin'a)

Huna 101 - an introduction to the Huna Kupua system of hawaiian shamanism, its principles, and its basic assumptions. (Jarin)

Energy Tasting (Alice Tatterdemalion): People of various energy signatures would each show their particular type of energy (fae, elf, dragon, etc.). Then discussion about that energy type would follow, including impressions of colour, sound, scent, etc., in the interest of seeing how different energies mapped to different people's senses.

Perceiving & Working With Energy (John): This workshop will teach a technique for learning to perceive auras and personal energies. The focus will be on learning to see energies, but techniques for using other senses will be discussed. A basic discussion of actively using these energies and the basics of making energy balls and how they can be used will also be included. If there is time and interest, slightly more advanced techniques may be discussed.

Bardic Challenge - A fun competition - bring your favorite song or story. Gifts will be given for best story, song, joke, etc. (Luke)

The creation, care and feeding of a faerie cairn (Rialian): When we make offerings to the otherworld... at an altar such as a faerie cairn, what do we expect to see when they send the energies back that we obviously want? The faery that link in to the cairn are not the same sort of otherworld that others think of the faery races being connectd to...they are of the vital forces of the planet. A lot of interesting stuff will be discussed at this workshop, I think...

Planetary Religion: The Seven Holy Kings and Memory of Starfire (Luke): Comparative look at the primary systems of initiation and high magick (including Enochian, Kabbalah, and Mithraism), comparing their ideological and numerical bases. This will lead to an investigation of the use of planetary intelligences as a convenient and appropriate cipher for understanding all of these systems. The interplay between these spiritual systems and religion will then be discussed, with the suggestion that all human religion can essentially be seen from a planetary perspective. Discussion will also include cosmic memory, reincarnation, and the energetic genesis of angelic/fey races. The class will conclude with an invocation ritual meant to call and connect to the seven planetary Loka or Angels...

Reiki for Fae (Rialian): This year, besides the general reiki intro and attunements, some interesting Reiki-based "fine-tuning" will be presented. Ideas will be discussed on refining existing attunements paths in the existing systems. Rather than focus on a "swiss-army-knife" "more symbols is niftier" approach, there will be more of a focus on environments. For example, This one is based around some refinements on the stuff that my brother and I had been working on. Bring a note-book.

The Mind-Real Continuum (Aladar): In many cases, people create a firm separation between the mindscape (the internal reality) and the external reality. This workshop will discuss the benefits of looking at consciousness as a continuum, call it a mind-real continuum, in which most external phenomenon is an interplay between our internal consciousness(mind), and external reality. How we react to external reality determines the impact it makes upon our consciousness which then influences our external reality and so forth and so on. This influence cycle usually happens with only the most vague sort of consent and even recognition. The recognition and control of this cycle is what this workshop (and later a forthcoming book) is about.

Earth-friendly living (will not be presented as a workshop but information will be available onsite) - how to tread lightly upon the land -- Earth friendly building techniques, appliances, energy sources, and waste management methods that work in harmony with the environment rather than against it; Creating "Green Corridors" within developed areas using wild yard and native-species planting techniques. Off-grid alternatives; identifying and avoiding modern environmental poisons.