Walking the Thresholds 5 Workshops (Subject To Change - this is a Kin Gathering, after all...)

The Techniques of Silent Magic: For situations in which you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere, have no tools, and/or cannot say anything aloud: Techniques for lining things up so they happen favorably in the very near future. (Salentriel of the Daetriea)

Shadowdancers, Watchers, and their Role in the Kin Community: What are shadowdancers and watchers, what do they do, and why (Wildelf with assistance from the Daetriea).

Drum Circle Friday night: If you want to participate in the drum circle, bring either drums (or whatever noisemaker suits your fancy) and find me (Kibble) for more info. The Circle is scheduled on Friday night, soon after the fire up top near the stone circle is lit. Only a couple of rules. 1. We'll be dealing with all sorts of wild (or Wyld) energies plus there will be a bonfire ... I don't want anyone to get hurt, so no inebriation/alcohol at the circle. No drugs anywhere on site but especially not at the drum circle. and 2. please listen to the Staff as far as any other safety concerns: they are lending us their space..We should respect it. No fights, no jumping the fire. We had a pretty fun time last year, and i would love to do it again. (Kibble)

Main Ritual Saturday night - Beautiful Cacaphony: Keep in mind that the ritual is not simply about *making noise*, but about making a noise that either represents Yourself or expresses a message you wish to say. Instruments and noisemakers are fine but when I conceived the ritual, I pictured it as most people speaking, singing, or otherwise using their voices rather than an outside source of sound. The rest is a surprise... (Led by Eshari).

Introduction to Rune Use: their basic interpretation for both energy work and divination. (Silvaerin'a)

Vehicular Magic: How to protect your vehicle magically; how to bend time to get from point A to point B in less time than it should take; how to make your vehicle run when it does not want to. (Dreaming Squirrel).

Discussion Panel on Compatible and Incompatible Magical Paths: Which ones seem to work well together and which ones seem not to, and why (Discussion panel with Dreaming Squirrel).

Reiki for Fey: All levels of Reiki attunements offered onsite. This class is the end result of about 10 otherkin playing with Reiki for 5 or so years... Needless to say, the form has mutated, and continues to do so. Assistant professors encouraged to co-teach... (Rialian).

Feng Shui: Opening your environmental energy flows with this ancient form... Our resident Feng Shui Master is very knowledgeable about balancing the flows of energy as well as the Internal Elements... he once told me that hard apple cider is a very good source of the "wood" element, thus proving his great knowledge to me... (Feng Shui Jack)

Walking "Between" and the Cultivation of "Other" abilities: It has been said that some abilities (such as seeing into and walking in other realms) can be taught. One who is knowledgeable in this field made mention once that he was interested in giving a class on this if there was enough interest. If we ask him in just the right way, he may be in the mood to share his knowledge (Class to be held if professor is amenable).

Intentional Communities, building an earthship, and living green: Last year we had a wonderful workshop on these topics. We will try to convince the same person to give this workshop again. (Class held if professor attends and is willing).

Cult-Busters: Who you gonna call?! Last year, we had a wonderful workshop on how to identify and avoid cults. We would be pleased to have this workshop again if posssible. (Class held if professors are willing).

We will be getting confirmation on all classes by the end of the week! Keep checking back.