Walking the Thresholds 9 Workshop Descriptions

JUNE 8-11, 2006, Four Quarters Farm
PO BOX 11, Rockville MD 20848-0958

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All-weekend Activities:

Body Art with Tessa/dancinglights (all weekend long, whenever, wherever): Art-related! with paint! and blue dye and henna and things and stuff and reiki symbols! Will be MORE THAN HAPPY to paint and draw on folk and let people do the same all weekend long, with much philosophizing about such things and event-marked-time and the value of impermanence and why it seems to work fairly well to scribble reiki symbols on my bad knee in sharpie. You will have to find the elf if you want to be drawn on...

Shinai with Ashran (if he brings his shinai): Beat each other with sticks all weekend for fun and exercise...


Opening and Setup

Energy work, healing, and attunements avaialable on request (Reiki and other energy work)

Friday Workshops:

Intro to Sustainability Panel (Silvaerin'a/silvaerina_tael, Friday Morning): Why is sustainability a good idea? Why is it necessary? What is the motivation?

Manifesting Sustainability (Rialian, Friday Morningish): We have these ideas and ideals, but how do they manifest, and what is left over that returns to the soil? What feeds on the remains of what we have produced? In other words, what are the byproducts of how we live...and do those byproducts encourage or discourage life? This workshop will include things that people living in urban areas that don't own homes can do.

Discussion on alternative economics (Mark/chaoscat, Friday Morning-ish): The presenter has been doing a lot of reading lately on systems that are more sustainaible than ours, and would like to share a few thoughts and see what other folks are thinking about.

Harmonics and resonance (Lugh/gaelfling, Friday Afternoon): a how-to" workshop based around harmonics and resonances and how they affect energeic beings. (little science g33ky, but there are tie-ins). There is a hands on element to this workshop, so be ready to move your energy around, and (tech provided) listen to some music (will be played at reasonable levels so as to not annoy people) the idea here is how we use various harmonics to reality shape and move energy, as well as how to focus such for day to day (or special event) things. There is also the possibility for some follow-up Tuatha things if anyone is interested (as there will be more Tuatha there to answer questions)

Spiritual discussion panel with Duo/kyoudai02 (late Friday afternoon): We will be discussing the many aspects of some of the major spiritual paths - Christian, Buddhist, Gnostic, Agnostic, NOTA (none of the above) or any path for which there's someone on site to represent it. So far we have one Catholic, one slightly modified Catholic, a Thelemite, and many who walk neither the dark nor the light but rather the threshold between that. This is a place to speak your mind about your own particular path, how it relates to being Other, how the way you view your path is different from the way others on the same pat view it. Respect for each other's individual path is expected. This description is tentative, could mutate based on who decides to participate.

Saturday Workshops

Technomagic (The Doctor/tlttlotd): Where technology meets magic. (Saturday Morningish)

Dealing with environmental reactions of people, places, and things to being otherkin (Duo / kyoudai02, Saturday Morningish or maybe afternoonish): Discussion group focusing on effective ways of dealing with this phenomenon and still actually having a life.

Advanced Chakra Cleanse and Fear Clearing Techniques (A'hri'l, Saturday around mid-Afternoonish): Beginning, intermediate, and advanced meditation techniques. The structure of fears and methods by which they are cleared and exit the body. Guided walkthrough of clearing technique. Grounding and chakra cooldown.

How to Do A Writer's Workshop (Alice/amberite, late Saturday before ritual planning).
and how a kin gather, or list, is like a writer's workshop
The heart is always there.
The ideas may or may not correspond to it.
The execution can be anywhere from wonderful to terrible.
How to navigate all this morass?

Ritual planning and main ritual: Not sure what form this will take yet. Still thinking about it and will depend on who its creators are... (Rialian, Sundown) Contact [info]rialian if you're interested in participating in ritual planning.

Bardic Storytelling (Lugh/gaelfling with help from lyssabard a.k.a "the Bard", and other storytellers/musicians/bards. Late Saturday Night after ritual, until the last person is done. Prizes.)


1-on-1 energy work sessions
Reiki level 1 and 2 attunements or hands-on healing sessions available.

Takedown and Closing