Walking the Thresholds 3 Pictures

Arhuaine, Crisses walking by in the background.

From Left to right, Quorpencetta, Malcolm, Wyndreamer, Crisses, Firefen, Arhuaine, Benny's back, and Pooka.

Cel and Esh.

Hector and his entourage.

Hector smiling for the camera.

Helen sticking her head through a stone (everyone should try that at least once).

Helen walking away from the camera (usually a good idea after 3 days of camping...)

Elf Shady and Wyndreamer walking down a Shady Lane...

Malcolm in one of his more fearsome aspects (not sure which one as yet).

Miaren looking very knowledgeable while teaching one of her workshops.

Elf Shady's friend Mike, also known as Pod.

Q in Mud, a Portrait... (Courtesy of Dreaming Squirrel, posted with permission from Q).

Q in Mud again. (Courtesy of Dreaming Squirrel, posted with permission from Q).

Q with Group to the Side.

Q alone in Clothes.

Rae, Dor and Jaeci sharing a hug.

Rae, Esh, Cel and Dor getting ready to go.

Rialian, king for a minute of (well, we don't really know)... Spearcarrier in background. Here he is crowned again, Khel in background.

Eyovah's memorial