Ritual at WTT3

Here's a rough idea of what the main ritual at WTT3 looked like. Since it was midsummer and we wanted something to sort of focus the energy of the gathering, we decided to have a ritual. The focus of the ritual was "Balance".

We gathered round the fire circle and as a group decided impromptu what ritual would be. People spoke up with their feelings and thoughts on Balance, and then meditated on this for a bit prior to the ritual.

We had seven elements who were:

Luke-Sky Above
Pooka-Mother Earth Below
Rialian-the Space Between

We also had three "Walkers" who were:

We had one Tea Dispenser (unplanned) who turned out to be Miach of Malcolm (more on that later).

We had one SevenStar mandala painted by Miaren Crow's Daughter.

The rest were present and leant their energy to the process.

We made some mugwort tea, and put it in a thermos container (a very good thermos- it never cooled off!)

We began a procession from fire circle to stone circle. Two people carried the Tea. The Elements walked ahead of the Tea, and the Walkers walked behind the Tea, and everyone else straggled behind the Walkers.

Once at the Stone Circle, we set the Tea on the altar westward and everyone began taking their places in a circle around the altar.

The SevenStar mandala was placed on the altar, as well as seven candles - the four directions were all white candles, Above, Below, and Center/balance were red, Space Between was green.

Each element was called, and as they were called the respective candle was lit. The elements were called in the following order: E, S, W, N, B, A, C, and Space. Each element did a summoning. Khel played his bamboo sax as a summoning which we all agreed was just too cool.

The Walkers started walking immediately. Firefen and Dandelion walked North to West to South, etc. (together) and Ky'Sian walked the opposite direction.

After each element was called, the caller began to walk from the center/altar to a person, touch the person, and from the person back to the altar, touch the altar (tried to touch the Tea if possible). Space Between (Rialian) pointed each element in the correct direction and remained in the center. Each element repeated this until they had all been to every person, and then they all convened back at the center, somehow managing to avoid crashing into each other (it was a miracle). Some of the elements came up with a word that they repeated each time they touched a person. East's word was "wisdom," Mother Earth's word was "Trust," and North's word was "Strength," but I don't remember the others.

Then Malcolm/Miach presented the tea in a very interesting pattern, shown below.

We could not actually drink the tea as we had planned, because it was too hot, so each person touched the outside rim of the charged tea to receive the balance energy we'd put into it. Miach first walked to one person, who touched the tea. Then he walked in an inward arc and skipped the next person, moving two people clockwise. Then he repeated that every other person until the circle had been completed. Then he repeated this in the counterclockwise direction, this time presenting the tea to those he had skipped. This created sort of an interlacing flower pattern as shown. When all had touched the tea, he passed the tea to the elements, all in the same direction. He also walked the elements alternating, just did not reverse direction at midway point.

To dismiss, each element walked outside the circle to where the Walkers were walking, and waited for the Walkers to catch up with them and touch them. Then each element came back to center and touched the tea thermos. Then we all came to the center, and everyone touched the shoulders of one of the elements. The Walkers came in and grasped the shoulders of Space Between. The candles were all pushed to the center of the altar, and all elements brought the SevenStar mandala tile down on top of the candles (all but Space Between's candle). Then last, of all, Rialian put out the Space Between candle.

The mugwort Tea was then carted back to the fire circle, and all were told to take a drink (unless pregnant or moon time).

And that's how it went, near as I can remember. If anyone else remembers anything (including energetic impressions) that's not here, please let me know and I'll add it.

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