Walking the Thresholds 3 Scrapbook

52 people showed up from all around the world. And the Rains came down. And the Campfire was not drowned, though there was a Moat surrounding it. We now have 27 words for rain. But still, people were glad they were there, glad they saw each other.

Pictures (Rialian's)


Here's what we could piece together of the WTT3 main ritual, which focused on balance. If you remember something that happened that isn't included here, please write!

Here's the first ever WTT Filk, created by Miaren Crow's Daughter, inspired by ... the rain.

(with apologies to J.C. Fogerty)

Ever since we got here The rain been comin' down.
All the tents are standin' In puddles on the ground.
Camping at Four quarters, Threshholds number three;
And I wonder, Still I wonder, Who'll stop the rain.

Squirrel got his umbrella, Seekin' shelter from the storm.
Hiding out at Crisses, I watched the fire burn.
Puddles to my ankles, Mud up to my knees.
And I wonder, Still I wonder Who'll stop the rain.

We went up to circle, Reiki had been rained out twice.
Worked the flows for balance, (Tho dry socks would be nice).
Came back to the fire, Down it came again.
And I wonder, Still I wonder Who'll stop the rain.

(What can I say - I was challenged.)

And here is a collection of 69 "things learned" at WTT3 ... (not that there's anything wrong with that...)

  1. Do not pitch your tent next to the Satyr's.

  2. Do not lend anything to a Coyote cub - especially if she's drunk.

  3. When someone says, "I thingk I had too mush to dringk," leave before they puke on your feet.

  4. Give someone trying a whip for the first time a VERY WIDE BERTH.

  5. Sandals won't keep your feet mud-free.

  6. Never forget bug spray.

  7. Don't argue. Just nod and smile.

  8. Sleep is over-rated anyway.

  9. Mint is actually pretty damn good if used with restraint.

  10. Camp farther away from the fire in order that the last thing you hear at night (and the first thing you hear in the morning) is _not_ Kyrin's voice.

  11. The water is cold, but go for at least one swim anyway.

  12. Campfires can survive thunderstorms with a little ingenuity.

  13. You have more friends that you thought and more family than you noticed.

  14. Looking into your own eyes without the aid of a mirror is seriously weird.

  15. Children are attracted most strongly to the mud puddle closest to the firepit.

  16. Irish Whiskey is bad for you. Ben's mead is not.

  17. Dandelion flowers taste like $#!+

  18. Why everything tastes like chicken

  19. Glitter is good and not altogether sacreligious

  20. How to skip stones

  21. Always arrive in time to pitch your tent in the daylight. Ankle-deep puddles are no fun.

  22. Heed the warnings of the forest. If a three-foot long branch nearly falls on you, perhaps it is time to move.

  23. It is possible to survive 2 days on energy, honey, sugar, and caffeine.

  24. Hugs are excellent therapy.

  25. Bambi tastes good.

  26. You actually need a group of people in order to be antisocial.

  27. Any food can be a finger food.

  28. Whenever you meet a new person, tell hir you're a host BEFORE the elfkid takes over.

  29. If you want to meet someone else's resident and he's being quiet, try asking.

  30. Bees listen to reason. Wasps do not.

  31. Giant frog spirits listen to reason. Tittering little ones do not.

  32. Talking about eating cockroaches at breakfast gets some really neat reactions.

  33. The best way to prevent people from complaining about the shadow cat song is to whine, "everyone complains when I sing my song."

  34. It's fun to confuse Adara.

  35. Don't tell a 2-year-old what not to do. Think of something else you can tell him to do.

  36. Gynn loves 2-year-olds. Tocosar does only sometimes.

  37. We both love our friends.

  38. Pitching a tent in the dark is an interesting concept.

  39. Fairy Caerns make me do silly things, and my boyfriend can see aura/spirits better.

  40. Long cargo pants that extend beyond the top of your shoes are a bad thing to bring camping.

  41. Any pants that extend...


  43. Bare feet have better traction than tennis shoes.

  44. Bring barterables.

  45. Watching someone get the part of their back their wings join get scritched is cute/cool.

  46. Watching and elf's ears go pointy is freaky/cool.

  47. Follow not the little white cat.

  48. Shen Lungs can stop the rain a bit too. Go figure!

  49. Standing out in the open rain mumbling stuff and occasionally glancing skyward gets attention.

  50. If you meet someone and decide they're pretty nifty, get 2 points of contact, b/c one might fail.

  51. When giving your g/f tea a saytr gives you make sure it IS the "awake and aware" and NOT the "YO PAN" (now I know what a deer in the sight of a wolf feels like!) omg she is going to eat me alive!!

  52. Keep a closer eye on Malcolm you never know how many of him will be around.

  53. "See? There goes Benny! There's only one of him! That makes me feel so much better!"

  54. Canadian Kin just "love" having there pic taken with Duddly Do Right *grin*.

  55. Bring a bigger Axe! (those who were spliting wood know what I mean.

  56. When a little rain becomes a downpour you can cook in your tent but damn it gets hot

    Webdweeb's note: ONLY do the above IF your tent IS FIREPROOF CANVAS!!! - Synthetic bubble tents turn into napalm when ignited!!!

  57. Never stand next to a satyr in your first ritual or you may be scarred for life ;)

  58. (from lisa the satyr) The ground is HARD !!!! oh ya sorry about the loin cloth ;)

  59. Who needs clothes? We've got mud! But if you cover yourself in mud, you get dust in your mouth.

  60. Ben likes to throw meat at unsuspecting dragons.

  61. Said dragons should refrain from eating said meat in front of queasy toadstool-sitting, dandelion-eating, tree-hugging elves. (sorry y'all!)

  62. Kyrin's got a heart!?! (sHHH! Don't tell him I told you.)

  63. Yellowjackets! Duck!

  64. Not all fish are psychotic man-haters with a taste for blood.

  65. Never give HawkSon an opportunity to embarass you before you've had your first cup of coffee. He'll take it. And you will be left grasping for your words and self-control....

  66. Only a satyr could look suave in a pink satin robe in the middle of the forest.

  67. Switching aspects during sex is considered rude by some.

  68. Sometimes a walk is just a walk, a talk is just a talk, and a cigar is just a cigar. But not usually.

  69. (warning - in poor taste.) Eyovah is STILL impossible to give the brush off...

And this magic number concludes the "Things I learned at WTT3" which is the closest we've come yet to a FAQ!

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