WTT 4 Scrapbook - Photographs, Quotes, Sayings, Things Learned, and Bad Jokes

Many odd things were said and done at WTT4. Several of those who attended had notebooks and cameras and wrote down relatively extraordinary observations, quotes, and things learned... Following are the collected observations. Whenever possible the observation or quote has been illustrated with a photograph. In some cases the observations actually match the photographs (click the links to view the pictures)! Enjoy! Thanks go to Firefen, Tessa, and Person, who supplied most of the photographs and lore for this page.

Nick (Let's Hear it for Cucumber Man!), Joe, Pod & Q
Photo by Rialian
You have more true friends than you have met yet.

'Kin are great at pulling things out their collective asses with no preparation. (The workshops, the workshops.)

Ashran + carrot = one disturbing feat... and Kudos to Nick for his expertise with the cucumber...

"I probably would have done better with the pointy end." - Ri

Side Note from Rialian: If you have orange in your teeth afterwards you're doing it wrong...

"Alas poor Yorick.... I knew him, Horatio ... a fellow of infinite jest."

"Thou com'st in such questionable shape that I will speak to thee, I'll call thee Hamlet..."

K'hel loves his wife.


Canadians have cheap internet access. And we sing too much.

(Editor's note - not nearly enough! The songs were beautiful!)

Rialian with Prince Righteous Doll from Rai and Dor
Photo by Helen

The Listari have taken over the gathering this year...

It is possible to scare Rialian while making an entire group of people laugh. (Otherkin merchandising... luckily I didn't think of making a Kyrin doll. ;) )

Kyrin can indeed flame. It involves chartreuse and rum.

Flaming Kyrins are made to be *sipped*.

Ashran's not going back JUST for the red-headed lesbian...

7-foot elves doing kata by firelight and drums should be given a WIDE berth.

Elenari are people too...

No matter how many days you can be there, it feels like over a week and you will want it to be longer.

Look! Naked People!

There actually IS someone who can get away with wearing black spandex in the woods full-time. And he's very, very... he's very.

Beware the Funky Buttlovin Hat...

Drunken dragons are good for many things, the least of which is keeping fires lit with alchoholic dragonbreath. Editor's note - the Elf was the one who was drunk - the Dragon only got the hangover.

Summer, surrounded
Photo by Rialian
Being the rare human surrounded by otherkin makes me the freak. Yay!

Sometimes, the best way to get in someone's good books is to leave a battle scar...

Giant dandelions disappear when you're finally ready to get your picture taken with them. Did anyone else see the 5+ inch in diameter dandelions?

Neat wildlife can be seen during quiet moments. I saw a shrew for the first time ever, and Sasha and I shared a hummingbird moment. And that spider.... ooh man. Birds would be afraid of that thing. And here's a dragon in the woods...

Reiki vortexes feel reeeeaaaallll good ^_~

Swordfighting is fun! Thanks to the Texas crew for bringing the weapons...!

Tents that go up easy come down real hard *ouch*


Useful Lore (but for various reasons unillustrated):

It's a good idea to keep the dragon kitties happy...
Photo by Rialian
I like drums. Drums are good. Bring drums

If you hear Blair-witch-esque sounds at night, fear not. It might just be pixies getting intimate.

Fear the sound of 'bloop'.

There are some places Ronald Reagan's head should not be attached to.

Shiny body piercings + river teeming with fish = BAD IDEA (luckily not first hand knowledge)

The fish like mens' butts (other parts also, from what I heard).

Giving my travel/photo diary the title "There and back again..." will result in many a dirty look.

Thistle looks better in an evening dress than I do.

Thank god I took pictures, because the sleep dep means I don't remember anyone's name...

3D porn is a BAD idea. 'nuff said. Same with Pokemon porn.

Person is people, too.

NEVER eat McDonald's Steak, egg and cheese bagel

The first thing you eat when you return to civilisation should not be Taco Bell.

Duty free is a great supply of cheap flesh

Always close the windows in your tent during the day, or get to stay up for a few hours at night drying your bedding out

Luna Moths will attack your flashlight.

Before returning to civilization, make sure to ground... (we're probably not allowed back in that Pizza Hut any time soon...)

12 hours straight on the road on Sunday and 16 hours straight on Monday can really wipe you out. I'm going to nap for the rest of the week. Maybe I'll eventually get to read more email, who knows.

Check for ticks, often. Vampires aren't the only friendly bloodsuckers at 4QF.

Loud sex and yawns are equally contagious


"I can now say I have boodled all of your butts!" - Rialian after dinner on Sunday night

Rialian, Dor, & Crisses
Photo by Tessa
"Beware the Battle Wombats of Love" - Rialian after a sleep depped drive to PA

"Bloop!" -Everyone

"Keep that funky buttlovin hat away from me!"

"There's horny, and then there's 'hey, that tree has a hole in it...'" - Aleris

Reiki is intelligent, but not brilliant..." - Ri

"Oh lookit! Blue bellybutton lint!" - Helen pointing at elves (many of whom seem to have this trait...)

"We'll do it from both ends" - Ri

"We need to push the Reiki through the buns into the hot dog" - Ri

"And what does this teach you about drinking too much? To SLAY all those who oppose me!" - Robin

"We are not a hive entity" The 10 occupants of the van, in unison...

"Thank you for making me listen to the demonic voice of reason" - Ariel

"I'm really not into this gay porn, but dear God, this is AMAZING!" - Pod

"The yum is strong here... and the yum is NAKED." - Robin

"A new 'kin soap opera -- the Yum and the Naked!" - Pod

"I've been drinking something that tastes like poison, and is GREEN?!" - Summer

"I probably would have done better with the pointy end." - Ri

"Okay, back to ass humor." - Pod

"You are not putting a vor'jen on my tits!" - Tess

"Fellatio's a nice word. It rolls off the tongue." - Esh

"Fellatio Cucumber-Blower! That would make a good spirit name..."

"What is your spirit guide? The cucumber..."

"Fellatio sounds like a minor character in a Shakespeare play. 'Alas poor Yorick.... I knew him, Fellatio... a fellow of infinite jest.'"

"I lick your third eye!"

"Partake of my weenie, dammit!" - Patty

"Thank you for making me listen to the demonic voice of reason." - Arial