In many ways the realms that Elves walk in are areas of twilight. They are areas that are neither one spot or another, but are the areas of interaction between.

Symbiosis, the main path of the Elves, is a delicate balance between the Blood within, and the manifest form of human life. We must honor both, or be neither.

This is a page getting back to the basics... There are many individuals "awakening" to the concept of being otherkin, but what does this really mean? How does one understand themselves through this, and how does it affect their lives? What makes us so different from everybody else?

I plan to explore my own expression of being "Elven" with this page. It will be a journal of sorts -- A page of essays and links and articles that have helped me get to this point in my life, and perhaps help others find some useful information.

Yes, this is the same Rialian that runs Elven Realities and had the site Rialianís Realm. The Realm was designed with the ideal of helping to get people together and to start people off on the right foot in their own journeys. This is a refinement, a path that I work on... thus it will be a lot more my stuff and the things that most reflect my work.