The Elfinkind Digest Intro File

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  2. That you still wish to be on the distribution list.

As soon as I receive a message from you stating both of these things, I'll add you to the distribution list and send you a copy of the most recent digest.

R'ykandar Korra'ti
Moderator, The Elfinkind Digest

An Introduction to the Elfinkind Digest

(Last updated December 23, 1996)

Home address: [email protected]

All messages sent here concerning the digest WILL BE POSTED unless the message specifically requests otherwise.

Diskette-based versions:
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R'ykandar Korra'ti
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Contact Malcolm Campbell (above) for this service in Great Britain.

Welcome to the Elfinkind Digest

This email-based discussion digest provides a forum for elves and other members of what has been described as the "otherkind" to discuss items of interest related to their species and state of being. As such, it is somewhat free-form in nature, with a wide variety of topics likely to be discussed at any given time. Topics considered of primary importance are those dealing with who, what, and why we are; and what, if anything, we should be doing about it.

A good many of those on the list are of a neopagan or "magical" religious bent; however, this should not be confused with the primary issue at hand. It is not the position of the list or the opinion of the list moderator that a particular religious belief is required to participate. Neither is one's religion necessarily indicitive of one's species.

Those receiving the digest tend to fall within one of two groups: the curious observer, or the Elf/otherkind. I consider myself in the latter, but do not demand that anyone state their status. I do request this, but it is perfectly acceptable to decline the invitation. Whatever your role here, I hope you find the experience interesting.

IT SHOULD BE NOTED - and this is important - that the digest is very much NOT an exercise in role-play; we are NOT gaming, and this is NOT an in-progress RPG. We are quite serious about the reality of this matter. Anyone who feels it necessary to inform us that we're either fools or insane for our beliefs may rest assured that we have already heard it, and do not need to hear it again.

The digest appears no more than five times a week, typically being mailed out on weekday evenings. A typical digest will have between one and four messages; volume is relatively light.

Some Background

This list was founded, by the current moderator, as a "somewhat dubious endeavor" in the spring of 1990; the first actual digest was sent out to subscribers on March 26th of that year.

Initially, I expected only to find other elves; as it turned out, I found a large number of people with a large number of self-identifications. The scope of the digest has officially been enlarged to encompass these other "others," though the name of the digest itself has remained unchanged. Likewise, for a very long time, the digest was relatively secretive in nature; while anonymity of the list membership remains, the existance of the list itself is no longer to be considered a private matter, and the list address may be handed out at will.

Some Rules

I'm enclosing a set of thoughts and rules (mostly from the very first digest) to let you know how things are run and to help me keep my house in order. Please note numbers one and two as being important technical notes, and numbers four and six as being non-binding requests. A partial list of introductory messages from other digest members is available by request.

R'ykandar Korra'ti
[email protected]
Elfinkind Digest Moderator

- - - THE RULES - - -

  1. If a message comes to me dealing with the list or the subjects in the list, I WILL consider it a submission to the digest. I do not have a separate account for the digest, nor the resources for one; if you intend a message for me alone, please mark it as such.
  2. Anonymous postings will be permitted; please mark them as such in ALL CAPS in the subject of the message.
  3. Anyone can join this list. However, I will keep a strict reign on ridicule, for reasons which should be obvious. I hope this rule will prove unnecessary.

  4. The mailing list is currently quite small. If you know someone who will have an interest in this list, please have them mail me.
  5. I will make no public judgements about one subject which has already come up; who on the list is - and who on the list isn't - an elf. I request that others refrain from this as well; none of us are exactly in the best of position to make such assertions about anyone else.
  6. It would be good if everyone posted some sort of introduction, but I do not require it. I DO strongly encourage it, however. If you do submit something along these lines, I suggest you include:
  7. Your net.address,
    Your name (or names),
    Your species,
    Your physical location,
    and, just for fun, maybe your religion and political views.

Please let me know if you do _not_ want your introduction to go into the long-term membership introduction file. This file will be mailed out to new list members upon request.

Paths and Possibilities