Why would anyone want to think they are an elf?

Well....escapism aside, some people cannot seem to shake the feeling that they are "elves"....For myself it is a useful descriptive term that may not be totally accurate, but it conveys the "feel" of my beliefs reasonably well. It really is not a "choice", it is more of a "realization", something for the individual to cope with and try to understand. What I hope to do with this page is to help those with that singing in the blood find a little something that they can use to make sense, perhaps that little bit of a hint that lets them find their way. There are others out there...hopefully this helps those ready to find them.

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Gathering info and pics:
Walking the Thresholds is a Pennsylvania-based gathering that occurs every year around Midsummer.

Kinvention North is the Canadian-hosted gathering of fae, vamps, and other not-quite human people. Black Swans and kin-friendly people are welcome, too. It's being held the weekend of March 16-18, 2001, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (about an hour and a half away from Toronto).

The Kinvention North 2002 Site has all the info you'll need about rates, registration, hotel, etc.


Tales from
Between the Webs

Following are essays and discussion excerpts... Some of these excerpts were taken from various e-groups; Some were donated by friends. All are appreciated and treasured. If you have something you think should be here that isn't send email to [email protected].

An Elf's Story -- A story that takes place Elsewhen and Otherwhere, a story spanning several worlds that speaks of life and death, healing and magic... by Arhuaine

A Dragon's Awakening Story -- "I've always found dragons fascinating. Never really knew why..." By Eyovah

Gateways -- Some of the original ramblings of a group of elves, some of whom would eventually form the Elenari, and some of whom (your host included) branched off into divergent pathways.

Rememory and Ethics -- An essay by Rialian about one way that elves relate to and apply the concept of ethics. This essay was published in Kinships Magazine Vol. 1, Issue 1. (I'm published! Boowahahaha!)

Working in the Fae Realms -- The transcript of a working done at Rivendell to activate the land and increase the fae energies out there.

The Story So Far -- An old version of a story of how one group of elves got here, by Sileniel. This is one attempt to place the memories that some of those on the elven path develop, and work out a framework to make sense of it all. This is one of the first I saw out there in my searches on the net.

Vor'jen -- And here's part of the story from another point of view, (anonymous).

Elenari -- A much happier Elenari story (anonymous).

A Story of reAwakening - Remembering - When Waking Up hurts by Tirani.

The Perils of Remembering - "First, you will know sorrow. And not just any sorrow, but the longing sorrow that comes with unfulfillment. Your soul will recall things that not even you can name, and it will want them back again." By Spearcarrier.

The Elven Way by Ilon Bluesky -- "Elves are of a special nature. They are sometimes gay and playful, sometimes musing and contemplative. Their magical Way is as difficult to describe as the way the wind whips your hair about on an autumn afternoon, or the way the forest smells on a spring morning...."

Music -- This is music that for some reason or another helps capture the feel of what it is to be elven.

TalLeonan -- "Well met, all. I am Tal Leonan ap Rhys Gil Gilad...We are not originally of this realm. In the before times we dwealt not only on another world or other plane, but in another state of existence all together... "

Descriptions by Ilon Bluesky -- "Elves (Ah Kin) live in Shamballa, the City of Eternal Bliss, also called `Foresthome', which lies deep within the forest and exists simultaneously on many planes...."

Elves in mythology By Ash Rowan Thorn -- The Norse perspective -- "The world of ancient Paganism was hardly limited to the worship of the Gods. There are various other beings who were honored, and "Elf worship" was often the hardest part of Paganism for Christians to destroy..."

The Waystrands -- They are the ways between -- the strands of connection that can be danced and followed and walked but never held, the sentience underlying the interactons and Webs between all matter and energies and realms - the sentience of symbiosis.

Tolkien & the Elves by Ilon Bluesky -- "I think that Tolkien is ONE source on elves, and a good one, yet one must understand a few things about this subject if one is to proceed without venturing off the deep end:..."

The Fall of Aelfheim -- This is a poem about the end times before coming here.

Elven Nation -- "Incidentally, Suzy tells me she was born with ears that were large and somewhat pointed. They were surgically altered shortly after birth to look more 'Normal'...."

Elves and their Kithfolk -- A tale of elven origins and meanderings by Amerist Atoll.

Recapturing our Language -- At times, some of those on this path are known to babble something incomprehensible to the rest of society, but for some reason sounds almost right to us. This is but one attempt to bring some threads together to make sense of these things...

Tolkien Dictionary of Elvish -- Quenya and Sindarin as used in Tolkien's body of work.

Classes you'll Never See in College -- It's here! Professor Rialian's classes ... Now all we have to do is inform him of his new teaching position...

The Silver Elves -- Essays on elven Origins, Leadership, Changelings, Immortality, Enchantment, written by Zardoa, Silver Flame, Solon, Elantari and Danyal: Origins, Leadership, Elvaleryn (Immortality), Changelings, Enchantment, Apologies, Realization, and Soul Mates. More Elven Love Letters, Silver Elves home.

Elven Anatomy (or may be hazardous if swallowed) By Kyrin -- "... many things that will barely phase many of my human bodied kin will bring me close to death. For instance, my emotional state affects me on a physical level that is terrifying." This link is temporarily broken until we can locate the essay.

Tuatha de Danaan -- Ramblings by Ardja on being Tuatha de Danaan...

Masks -- An essay by Rialian on interpersonal communications.

Therianthropy -- Although not directly related to elves, weres can be elf friendly and share the trait of being free of physical form boundaries...

Shadow Elves -- Not to forget the Shadow Elves (wouldn't want to piss 'em off!) Essay by bladedog99.

Elves, like me -- By Stormchilde

Being an Elf in a Human World -- An essay by an anonymous elf about the experience.

Otherworlds -- More paths to explore....not specifically elven, but related in many ways. Poetry and other lore.

Elven Star created by Miaren Crow's Daughter

Essay on the Elven Star -- By Devan

Paths and Possibilities (Links) -- Other pages that might
help you in your path...Tread with a clear head, an open
mind, and a good sense of balance.


Songs from the Wood


Not My Reflection
by Tal Leonan

When I gaze into the mirror
Who is it that I see?
Surely, that is not my own reflection
Looking back at me
My build is not so bulky
My ears so round or small
And eyes so dark and somber
Could not belong to me at all

Where are my chiseled features
My grace, finesse, my speed
Pray tell, who is this stranger
Looking back at me


by Lirinen

I heard a voice among the trees, singing softly in the night
A song of ages gone before, yet reaching to a distant star
The voice came floating on the breeze, and danced between the Dark and Light
From water's edge on River's shore, it sang of lands now lost afar.

Following this elven song, I made my way into the wood
And listened to the River flow, its song entwined with music fae
I found the way both steep and long, but nonetheless my pace was good
And swiftly toward the voice did go, until I knew I'd lost my way.

Upon my path I walked steadfast, no matter that I knew not where
And as the singer's voice grew near, ever faster was my pace!
Through the veil of trees I passed, and saw before me one so fair
His face was free from hate or fear, and where he walked, he left no trace.

His golden hair fell to his belt, his golden bow he carried high
And from his mouth a song did come, that spoke of realms beyond these lands
His song made many walls to melt, and caused my Spirit far to fly
I saw that I'd been truly numb, and joy had fled by my own hands

"By Silver Wind, By Starlight's Flame, By River Swift, By Ancient Tree
Though my way be long indeed, though mired I be in Earthen sand
Let me not forget my Name, let me always clearly See
Let me help my Friends in need, and let me find my Elven Land."



  The Song

Knowledge of the Song lives evermore with us
The many-colored song awakens sleeping life
Dancers gold and bright now skyward swiftly fly
To dance a song most rare and shape the Land anew
In Joy's creations, born of spinning Spirit's truth
The Land sings back, as always it has done
"Welcome home, my Friends, yet Time has never passed"
It is now done, and always has been so.


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Burden me not with pity's scorn
Weep for yourself, but not for me
Enrapt in petals, dancing free
While others vie for thorns

by Columbine


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