I sit here. I wonder why. I want to understand.
                            I watch the sunset.

        I watch the shadows of life
I watch the shadows of death
    As they melt into each other
          And become one
              with the darkness
                I begin to understand.

Walking the Thresholds







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Elfinkin digest -- Another discussion group. Traffic on this one has been quite good, and it is at this point the most recommended of the lists for open communication.

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Artists, Musicians, Magazines, and Comix

Eversummer Eve -- Comix by Yliarna, beautifully done.

Elven Drums -- Elves who Play Drums! Weaving a rich tapestry of vocal harmonies and native drum rhythms from around the world, Elvendrums evokes memories in each of us of a time when everything was possible.



Poetry -- songs and stories that tell of the many webs and pathways...

Eyovah's Dragon Den -- My brother's collection of things draconic and healing modalities that he gathered during his lifetime.

My brother Eyovah passed from this lifetime on April 19th 2000. He will be sorely missed. Here is a memorial page for him. Malcolm&, many thanks for your effort on this page.

Kinspiracy -- This is the secret elitist Otherkin cabal. We are trying to take over the world. Shhh... don't tell anyone. Paraphrasing Tolkien, it's a chance to show your quality

Elven Paths A community for exploration of Elven currents and flows. This is not a roleplaying community. It is for serious discussion fo what it means to be Elven. Membership by invitation only (contact Rialian). Li'star'i - A community for those who identify as Li'star'i.

Yllirien -- Welcome to Yllirien, Land of the Singing Trees.

www.eristic.net -- Eshari's page.

Otherkin.Net -- A forum of resources, articles, connections, and more. The Webweaving section includes a directory of contacts for specific geographic locations, a directory of e-lists, and a listing of annual gatherings, among other things. This domain offers space for posting articles and essays and is currently offering to host websites.

Crisses -- Poly, Bi, Host, and Reiki resources. "A community unto ourselves"...

The Thistledown Dance -- Mai's page - I chose to wander through the forest and got lost in a faerie hour...

Cocoon of the Moth Goddess -- I am pleased to announce that I have relocated the long-lost page of the Moth Goddess... Art, stories, essays, zines, mothren, sidhe everywhere, and more.

Freebooter Design. -- Kyrin's website. Unique professional graphic designs.

The Elfwood -- A journey into another DC area elf's world. We may be planning a DC area gathering sometime...(I hope).

Things Elvish -- Elen Sila L˙menn' Omentielvo! (A star shines on the hour of our meeting). Books, artwork, and oddities of interest to elves and friends.

Blessings to the way of the Path,
to sing the life we lead...
to tread the dance we weave,
to bless the barith...
We shall walk, sing, dance, and seal,
singing of all joys we savor...
give the live of the dancer,
and sing of the joy of life, sing of the song
of the waves of lineat

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