A Happier Elenari Story

This is a tale of one of the times I remember before the Fall. I hope you enjoy it.

I remember long ago, when I lived in that most blessed land, a life, the memory of which I treasure far more than the memories of wars or victories or defeats or treasure. It was a simple life as a teacher and a magician. You see, with the Elenari magic was a pretty everyday thing, so most people would use spells or similar methods to do whatever they may want. There was technology, to be sure, but it was pretty basic, as it was outlawed past a certain point. However, basic science was known and understood and taught to children . This was what I did. I also worked on a new adaptation for magic. Well, it was new for them, though for us it is very commonplace. Allow me to explain.

Since magic was so everyday, people never thought to use any other way to produce magical-like effects. Most entertainers or anyone else who tried to amuse pretty much used variations on spells to do their job. Because of my basic training in science I tried something new, I tried to use misdirection and other similar principles to produce effects identical to those that magicians produced. This is known to us as "stage magic". I used it primarily to illustrate basic laws of science in an interesting and digestable manner. To get an idea of the tricks I used, watch any magic act, I did most of the ones not involving playing cards.

It was a great life to have lead, I did not lead great armies, but I made many children happy and taught them not only what they needed to know, but also how to be happy themselves. I also learned a bit of illusion magic, to make sure the children didn't fall asleep(having a column of flame being shot out at you tends to wake you up really quick). I passed on after a very long, accomplished and happy life, right when the time of the Fall began.


Elven Realities