The Fall of Alfheim

Subj: The Fall of Aelfheim
Date: 95-04-27 14:43:42 EDT
From: [email protected]


Hear the tale of strife and woe,
Where the seasoned winds did blow
In Aelfheim, the forgotten land
where light is Dark, and evils grow.

The fates did warn of castle's end,
Of eternity lost, though man may lend
His strength to those inside the Grove,
Yet those inside must fall or bend.

Yet those inside the shadowing Grove
Heard not the words of those who loved
The much, and though the signs bid "Look!"
The noticed not the absent Dove.

Whispers were voiced through the trees
Many then saw there were no bees
In fields where many blossoms once grew,
And then some Elves began to see.

By invitation, High King was sent
To immortal's Isle, where Power was lent
To aid him in his time of need,
When space and time could find their seed.

But aid was not for him to gain,
Aelfheim's power had slowly waned
'Till naught could be done to save the land
From Shadow.

Magic was all left to the land
Where once grew many flowers and trees,
Where once roamed many magical beasts,
But Shadow now held sway.

To save the land from endless pain
Spells were wrought, covering all
Of Aelfheim, and took it away
To lands beyond tomorrow.

And of the King, trapped outside realm
Kept from his land, from his betrothed,
Was doomed to wander far and wide
'Till Aelfheim returned again.

Though lost in spirit, lost in soul,
Lost in death, lost control,
The King is the key, as it may chance
To Aelfheim's foretold return.

This was something that I wrote while in a trance a ways back. If you have already read this on this listing before, I apologize, but when I sent it in, I never saw it printed on the regular list, so I am sending it again (now that I get ALL messages, hehehe). As for the poem or tale, or whichever you wish to call it, I believe that the majority of it is true in one sense, and that it all happened about 3 or 4 millennia ago. Unfortunately, this is about the extant of my knowledge of Aelfheim, (inborn or subconscious, as it were), other than the rumor that it was an Ash tree planted within the boundaries of the land that ultimately unraveled it's existence. If anyone knows more, feel free to write, I'm always looking for more information on Aelfheim (or Alfheim as it is sometimes called), and no, this is not the fabled land that King Arthur supposedly went to heal his wounds. Aelfheim was older than that land, and if I understand correctly, the very first of all lands that you might call 'Elven'.

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