by the Silver Elves

The word: Oforfamar.....
Dear Kindreth, .....is an elven word for leadership. A very important concept for the elfin. If you were to ask most elves what form of government we followed, we would generally answer: None. Elfin society is S'Elf ruled...sometimes it is referred to as Consensual Anarchy. The basis of the Elfin society is the extended family, the group, pack, clan, band, coven, covey, vortex...etc. We may occasionally be seen and manifest as a Mob...Mab's Mob...but we are Never a herd. We are ever a group of unique individuals banded together for mutual benefit, affection, enlightenment and profit. We function as a team, a chain in which each link is an independent and powerful contributor to the whole. Within our society, everything is permitted among those who consent. The Wiccan Rede is an Ancient Elven saying: "And that it harm none; Do what thou wilt!"

Elfin society is a commingling of artists, writers, dancers, actors, performers, painters, musicians, philosophers, magicians, scientists and inventors. Each elf is encouraged to distinguish thems'elves by virtue of their unique style and contribution. Imitation, while sometimes useful as a learning tool, is not our goal. Each must be nurtured to develop their individual flare. A leader among the elven is not an elected official, and certainly not a bureaucrat, but rather a life artist whose work is so profoundly original and inspiring that it touches each of our lives. And each and every elf is encouraged to lead us...to inspire us, in fact, we are ever eager to see each bright star shine, creating the glorious sight of an elven night.

There may be those who imagine us having our own country and government...as say the Isrealis have done. But alas, dear kin, this is no more likely to happen than every artist and musician and scientist in the world leaving their own country and going off and creating another. There is a reason we are spread so widely about this planet...it is the same reason that radio stations are not all bunched together in one little county...we are the internet...we are the interlinking web of psychic consciousness that thas been sent to help light up this world and...we have not come here for one country, we have come to reclaim our planet! We adapt ours'elves to whatever goverment we find ours'elves under...although it is true that we flourish best in countries that promote freedom of speech and expression...which is what we always endeavor to encourage.

Now, it is true that any particular troop, circle or tribe of elfin might organize thems'elves (or refuse to: which is our personal preference) in any way that they wish...after all we are elves and are free to do as we please. Usually, we pick a leader as needed for any particular project or task...choosing the person who originated the project or who seems to us best suited to deal with it. In that way we are very much like buccaneers (with whom most elves have a natural affinity) electing a Captain who is, as one of our kindred has pointed out, "first among equals". But these appointments are only ever temporary and only give one authority in the particular project with which one is dealing. Like the chief of the Invisible People (elves) in the movie the Emerald Forest said when asked why he didn't simply order his men to do whatever he wanted, "If I ordered men to do what they didn't want to do I wouldn't be chief for very long".

Most literature, describes us as living in a magical realm of medieval kings and queens. And there is truth to this but not in the way that most people think. All elves are of noble blood. Any elf could quite rightly claim to be a king or queen, prince, lord or duchess...however, among the elven the title of king or queen is not a position of status or authority...it is rather a position of responsibility (rather like being a Gypsy King, the gyspies are another folke that most elves can very easily relate to). To be a king or queen of the elven is to set aside one's ego, to offer ones'elf and one's possessions wholely for the sake of our people. An Elven king never claims that title but rather lives it by doing everything they do for the betterment of the elfin. An elven noble is a personage that is so intune with their elfin soul and spirit that they are no longer concerned with the material world but instead spend their time and energy promoting the creative and unique nature of every individual elfin. The elfin poet and sage Tagor wrote: "Tae natsi hedlu gobsoli nar loqwifali nar wanfalu dotara; tae Feldar hedlu elfanodurli nar edarli nar tololu kyela". (The devil seeks slaves and followers and demands obedience; the Divine seeks companions and friends and accepts love.)

Of course, we inevitably find those, particularly those who have recently awakened who, still smarting from the deprivation that they suffered among men, orcs and goblins, etc., are eager to grasp such titles to assuage and augment their flagging s'elf concepts. Often, we laugh at such folly, many of us shake our heads with sympathy for the pain we know that this stems from but ultimately we must accept such a pronouncement with respect to the noble aspiration and terrific courage that it denotes.To call ones'elf an elfin king or queen is to draw down forces of such tremendous power upon ones'elf that one is in time either shaped into being truly an elfin noble, thus giving up the title and living for one's people, or as most often is the case one simply burns out and fades back into the world of men.

The more we become in tune with our true elfin being...our souls, the more powerful we become and the more quickly does our will and wishes manifest...we must thus become ever more careful of what we say and particularly anything we declare or announce and in time more and more cautious of what we think until by a long process of purification we become so intuned with our elfin nature that all we think and say and do will flow naturally from our inner being and then we can make no mistakes.

In the meantime, most of us walk though the fires of transformation burning away all that remains of the false personas, guilt and depressions engendered by our life among the cruel. However, we are not here to separate ours'elves from men or dwarves nor any other folke but rather to become so secure in our own elfin being that we can unite with them for the betterment of all. If we elfin do not see the necessity of this...who will?

BE TRUE TO YOUR OWN 'ELF, dear ones, walk proud but not arrogant among the peoples of the world, make allies everywhere possible and in time...OUR DREAMS WILL BE REALITY! the SILVER ELVES

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