by the Silver Elves

The Elfin...

Elyna (beloved),

.....will celebrate nearly anything. Christmas...sure, Yule...absolutely. The Easter betcha. 'em. Any holiday you name, we are willing to share with you. We are particularly fond of holidays that unite people...which emphasize the unity of all people and the upliftment of the soul and spirit. There is an old elven joke which goes: How many elves does it take to change a light bulb? to change the bulb and 99 to help hir celebrate!

Some folks think that this willingness to celebrate indicates a certain frivolousness on our part...however, we can assure you that you intent is quite serious. We celebrate for a the catholic mass or "celebration", each gathering is a sacred act of evocation. We are calling forth the ancient elfin spirits to smile upon us and aid us in our efforts to overcome the darkness and ignorance that separates people. We are evoking union.

There is an urge to try to escape from the darkness by withdrawing from it and we can certainly understand those who do so. It is surely not everyone's path to transform this world from the realm of fear, terror and paranoia into the Eald of love, harmony and magic. There are many elves who simply wish to escape from the world, althogether, finding a Stargate to Elfland. But as A. E. Waite wrote in his book the "Quest of the Golden Stairs" : "Faerie is not there by here, it is not then but now." Our elfland manifests as we make it real by our own elfiness.

We have encountered those who think that the darkness might be overcome in a single glorious act of victory. But in our experience, this is not so. We can not master it through violence, for it thrives on violence...we cannot overcome it through retreat...for separation is its game...indeed, the violence and tension of the Disease can only be soothed by gentleness and can not be conquered, it can only be tamed and transformed. Its energies can not be destroyed (energy can neither be created nor destroyed) but it can be channeled into more productive and harmonious pathways. And this can never happen suddenly by only through long and continued effort..we msut stroke it in the right direction and in time it will conform (after all it has been trained all its life toward obedience and conformity).

In the Piscean Age which is now slowly passing...everything functioned in vs. hate, capitalism vs. communism, individuality and freedom vs. security and conformity, us vs. them, etc. Even the idea that we hear bandied about so much that good cannot exist without evil is a Piscean concept. However, the incoming Age of Aquarius is an age which synthesizes everything, one can be an individual and also part of a can be a capitalist and still act in harmony with the greater concerns of society...good does not require evil to exist but thrives in the absence of evil, just as health manifests in place of disease...good does not need bad, it only needs better and best.

It would seem convenient if we could just snap our fingers and have the world transform instantly into our precious elfland. However, anything that is created so quickly can be undone even faster. And the truth is that the essence of our magical elfin realm is not something we can create by building palaces nor forest sanctuaries...the true faerie abides within is not out there but in here and to find it we must reach into our very souls and become those magical beings we know ours'elves to truly be. Elfland is born from the inside out, it is brought to life by our own radiant being. Elfland is built not by wood nor concrete but by light (literally) woven together by our love. Elfland is not a world of countries and nations but of friends and lovers and families.

So the vital question is: How do we become increasingly in touch with our Immortal (elven) Soul? We use a process we call Vanisdir (Attunement). First there is the Vasadas (awakening)...this is usually an instinctual recognition of our fae, otherkin, being. As this recognition becomes more and more conscious we are faced with the decision to "cross over" through the mists of uncertainly and enter the Shining Realms ...or to retreat and find refuge in the security of the mundane. It is a free choice and it does not matter which way we pick nor when we choose it as long as we are true to our own inner being...for if our time has come we will inevitably initiate that process which opens our neural pathways to the infusion of our soul (elf). The next step requires persistence and is what some call "positive meditation", others call "creative visualiztion" and others still entitle "white magic"...but we elves refer to it as Tajilodas (envisioning). We must see ours'elf in the purity of our elfiness...we must feel our elfiness, then we must take a cold, clear hard look at who we are now, who we are meant to be and envision the pathway between the two.

Then finally, the most difficult and timeconsuming yet also the most rewarding step of all...Alisnadur (realization)...making it real...we must be an elf, day to day, moment to moment...this is not always easy to do. Did we say that this was an easy path...NO!...this is the Gentle Way...but not necessarily the easy way. For while it is easy to think of ours'elves in a more perfected state of being it is often difficult, particularly when faced with the tensions and stress of mundane existence not to fall into habitual patterns of behavior...for to truly become our higher s'elves we must give up our grumpiness, our griping, our nagging, bitching, fingerpointing, whining tendencies to spread the tension in negative ways to others...habits which not only do not really decrease our own stress but make things even worse. As we say, this is not always an easy thing to do (at least that is our experience) however, the more we apply ours'elves to this task the easier it and life in general eventually becomes. We must replace these negative habits with positive manifestations of elfiness. Ultimately, we will transform ours'elves Utterly...Everything we say, everything we do, everything we think and feel.

There are those who think that elfland is a place where we can go and then be elves...but the TRUTH is: It is not Elfland that creates the elves....It is we Elves who create Elfland!


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