by the Silver Elves

The origin of our kind is shrouded in mystery...
Dear elfin kin, .....and while there are many theories, there is only our hearts to decide which feels closest to our individual manifestation. Perhaps the most popular idea is that the elfin in some remote aeon fell into conflict with each other and because of this became trapped on the earth plane...a place most harsh and cruel and filled with pain and suffering; however, one that we might escape from if we could only open the gateways to faerie and return there. This philosophy very neatly combines the original sin mythos of the christians with buddhist aspirations to free themselves of desire, thus karma, and escape from the wheel of perpetual reincarnation, thus suffering. This is also a reflection of the experience of the fourth root race...the Atlanteans and their fall.

We, however, see this a little is our belief that we did not descend into manifestation (man-ifestation, materiality, physicality) because we fell into conflict with each other but that we fell into conflict because we descended into the material world.

We were the second root race. What some occultists call the Hyberborians but which we call the Sidhe, the Seelie, the Fae or the Elven, the Eldar or Elder many others. We were a luminous, ethereal people living in a world of gases and vapors which we shaped to our will creating vast civilizations. As time went on the world gradually (over millions of years) began to solidify, first into the semi-physical Lemurians and later into the ever more solid Atlanteans and Aryans. The Lemurian age was the period of satyrs, centaurs and all manner of being and the very first inklings of man that was to come. It was at this point, as Tolkein has so eloquently described that we had the opportunity to depart or actually remain in our etheric realms which many of our kind did, but a great number of us chose to become more and more clothe ours'elves in the stuff of matter which had many profound and quite a few unforeseen consequences.

First of all, matter slowed everything down. In our ethereal, astral realms everything that we desired came about instantly...just like in a dream (after all we were living in a dream world). This slowing of our magic was rather frustrating for us but ultimately proved to be a sheild against more dangerous consequences of materialization. For as we began to take on material bodies, we discovered that they tended to disinegrate easily and were not quite as easily repaired. We began to die (our bodies that is) and this death created a shock that began to affect our memory (have you ever woken from a dream onlly to have it dissolve a moment later?). Thus in each lifetime we were compelled to Vasata (awaken) and then Narwa (remember) our previous lives: a process we came to call Telpareon (far memory).

The result of this Aqofeltu (forgetfulness) however was that in each life we became more and more lost in the illusion of the material world. However, the positive result of this...was that we began to develop our minds...previously in the Age of the Sidhe, we had had no real use for intellect...we simply didn't need it...we were dreaming after all and it was paradise. It was because of these two events....Aqofeltu (forgetfulness) and developing Zelsatu (consciousness) that the necessity for slowing down our magic became apparent. For, in truth, we began to think some very strange things and had they come into existence instantly we surely would have perished.

Add to this the fact that there were still souls manifesting...that is souls that had not been with us during the Age of the Sidhe but were new souls being born without the haunting memories of our ancient is these folke that we've come to call Man. These immature souls (and we can hardly blame them for being younger than us) naturally created even more confusion on the earth...they were without the experience that our souls had and like little children were inclined to make mistakes as most young souls do. Unfortunately, our own confusion about our origins did little to help the matter and it was not long before a certain amount of sibling rivalry occured. We looked with scorn upon their folly and they stared at us with eyes filled with envy and often fear...while they are not a particularly psychic folke like us... they have always sensed that we are different from them and they, having been incarnated into an age where anything different might be dangerous, often despised us.

So here we are, and it hardly matters whether we see things one way or the other except for the fact that those who tend to believe that we fell into conflict and thus descended into the material world are usually, as we've pointed out, the one's who would like to escape from this world. On the other hand, those of us who know that we volunteered to come here are also determined to stay reincarnate over and over again until we Master this realm creating bodies that are indeed Immortal...thus Elfin.

And the means we have of doing that is through Derzorvadur (soul infusion). For let us face a simple fact....that is while we have the spirits and souls of elves, we have the physical bodies of men and women. After all, that's what we've been talking about here, isn't it? Our minds, by which we mean both our linear/logical and spacial/feeling aspects (the two sides of our brain) are the channel between our bodies and our souls. When we vasata (awaken) to our elfin/otherkind natures we open the passage way between them and as we seek by will (magic) to live our lives as elves our bodies become Zorvain (infused) by our Der (soul - pronounced dear). We become Taluntain (enlightened)...that is our Der, being light, irradiates our bodies... literally lighting up our bodies from within.

In time we will gain Noralyn (continuity of consciousness from one life to another) and after that Elvaleryn (physical immortality - pronounced L-val-ler-ryn)...we are here to REALIZE OUR DREAMS...and become in reality those shining folke we've always dreamed ours'elves to be. We are not here to escape to elfland but rather here to shape this world, by our magic, into that radiant realm where love rules and magic heals and we dance and sing and create throughout Eternity. And each and everytime we make the effort to live our lives grows closer...becoming real within us and in time between us, weaving a web of union which is...ELFLAND.

kyela (love)

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