Elves, Like Me

Um...this was originally written for a class...you wouldn't believe the looks I got from the prof....

I have always known I was different. There was a feeling, a sensation, about me, an aura, if you will. Others could feel it too. Nothing physical, nothing noticeable. Just different. As I grew, they distanced themselves. The children I grew up with pulled away, ignored me, hated me, because I was different. How could I blame them? I could see it too, the little things. Just coincidences, the adults would say. Nothing but coincidences. But the children knew. Their view of the world hadn't calcified yet, hadn't hardened around them like a concrete barrier, denying the wonders of the world. They *knew* I was strange, that I was *wrong*, something not meant for this place. As I grew, it became easier. They adopted their parent's world view, passing off the things that happened when I was near as coincidences. The fools.

As I grew, I learned to feel things, to know things. I met others like me, I could feel the kinship with them, unlike anything I had felt around the others. I learned how to dance with the storm, to feel the play of energy about all that lives free. I can sense the warp and the weft, the patterns in the flame that is life. The power resonating in the elements called to me, sang to me, and I soon learned how to answer. I can speak with the Owl, and sing with the storm.

It may sound cliche, what I think I am. It may sound crazy, what I feel in my blood. But I know what I am, and I know what I can do. I can dance with the wind, and run through the forests with the wolves. I can hunt with the owl, and sing with the dolphins. Others can too, I've met them. They call the barrier that holds us here the Veil. The barrier of beliefs and fears that keep the magic from this world. We will pull it down though, slowly but surely. And then, the magic will flood this realm. And we won't be different any longer.

Just so that people know....I took a literary licence with most of the last paragraph.....don't take this literally :P



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