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Please complete the following information to preregister for WTT:

# Adults
# Kids under 12 (free)
Meal Plan
Note: If willing to cook, email [email protected]
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Please click Send Prereg Form to send this form electronically so we have a good idea of how many to expect and can plan for the meals, restrooms, etc. (Note - you're not fully registered until payment is received).

Print or copy and sign this form and send with your registration money. Be sure to sign the release statement at the bottom of the page.

You're almost done -- either use the PayPal button if you haven't already:


If you would rather pay by check, email me at [email protected] and I'll send you the information you'll need to write/send the check. Cash only at the gate.

Release Statement

To register for this festival you must sign this release form:

I agree to assume full responsibility for the safety of myself, my children, and my belongings. I in no way hold Four Quarters Farm or the organizers of the Walking the Thresholds responsible for injury or loss.

Signature ______________________________________________________

Questions?     Email rialian at [email protected]

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