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Welcome to the Awakening Page
The pages linked off of here are designed to awaken the otherkin aspect within you.

I've made an attempt to help explain on this page.  But I admit I am no expert.  A fellow otherkin has compiled a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with help from other otherkin (no longer available.)

Lets start with usually easy concepts.
1.Do you believe in Past Lives?
if yes...goto 2.
2.a.Do you believe in the possibility of life on other planets? b.Or other realities?
If yes to 2a or 2b...goto 3.
3.Do you believe in the possibility that a past life of yours could be something other than human, as if from another planet, reality,energy...or aspects of our reality we may not fully accept now?

What is otherkin?  Otherkin is being other than human.
A thought, feeling, memory of being something else.

Beings seem to remember otherkin natures such as Dragon, Elf , Faery, Pixie, Mermaid, Satyr, aliens we don't even know what to call, beings we don't reconginze,  beings from other realities, etc...

My otherkin nature is mostly Dragon.  I also have a memory of elf.  So you can have multiple otherkin natures.
And there are "walk-ins" and multiple hosts and probably a ton of other possibilities I am forgetting.

You may want to read my Awakening story to understand more of an example to awaken..... My Awakening Story

Awakenings can come in stages.  Can start then go back away and come back again (alarm clock with snooze bar).  It can come full force and you can't deny it  ("Clue-by-four")
You may get a flood of memories now,...or they may come at any moment in the future (which could be in-opportunely timed).
There may be some clearing of things out.  The Detox effect.  I suggest drinking lots of water.  That may calm the physical if it happens.  The mental is a different story.

A positive and a negative...(depending on how you look at it)
awakeing of abilities.  You may be able to do "magical" type things.  Empathy (feeling others feelings), Telepathy, blending into backgrounds,...etc....

Now, Think carefully, you want to awaken?  Suddenly getting memories and feelings of being something else can be QUITE disconcerting for some.  For some it has involved a sense of going crazy, psychologist care, or other things you may not be ready for.  Traditional shrinks might diagnose it as multiple personilty disorder or other such junk.

 But on the flip side it IS knowledge and it may confirm things that you somehow knew.  It may give a special feeling about yourself.  Tell you more about your own characteristics. (Mermaid who always loved water,  or me always collecting dragons for years before awakening).  There is also a sense of being more unique than "regular" folks, and a sense of community with others of your kind.
It may answer why you have had some "strange" memories or dreams.

Either way, things will probably be different.. :)

The page linked here is designed to awaken the dragon in you.  If you are draconian, then you are in for a surprise.
I have energetically charged this page to awaken the dragon within you (if you have it), and/or bring out more of those energies in you.
 Click here to awaken your dragon

If you want to have a general otherkin awakening.  This page linked here will help you awaken any/all otherkin tendencies within you.  This may awaken one aspect at a time, or multiple,..depends on your intent to what you want.  You may want to visit multiple times if you want multiple awakenings to different otherkin.
 Click here for Otherkin Awakening that you are awake.  Now what.  Have fun, explore these new abilities,memories,feelings, etc... in you.  It may help you understand yourself even more.  Or it may confuse you.

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