Rebuilding the Gateways

It has been spoken from the time of our arrival that we would go back from whence we came. We have lived here but we have been of a different essence, and it is now time to return to the world that was left long ago. To this end, a Gate will be built, the like of which has not been seen for many millennia. Those who undertake this journey will then sing a new world into existence with the creations of Spirit...

The Song

Knowledge of the Song lives evermore with us
The many-colored Song awakens sleeping life
Dancers gold and bright now skyward swiftly fly
To dance a song most rare and shape the Land anew --
In Joy's creations born of spinning Spirit's truth
The Land sings back, as always it has done
"Welcome home, my Friends!" (Yet Time has never passed)
It is now done and always has been so.

Glimmerings Of How it will Work

"There is no one left on Aelfheim. It has been checked twice, and there is no one there. The place is in magical stasis so that nothing changes, nothing corrupts. Rialian had mentioned the possibility that the two atmospheres, both mundane and magical, were not the same. He and I remember the "path" between the gates being linked at an angle to a "neutral" plane, void-like, that would normalize the connection between the two. I think that as we cross over, from the more magically rich Earth that will be, we will become rarified as we hit home.

The gate we are going to use to get people to Aelfheim and get the Gates going again is going to be a new one that we make.


Introductions -- Introducing each of the contributors to this page.

Discussions -- Excerpts of conversations between those on the Aelfheim list about the rebuilding of the Gateways.

Events -- A real life portal at New Hope -- includes some ... very odd photos at a place where there may be an active gateway.

Remembering the Elven Language -- Part of rebuilding is remembering things that cannot be expressed in English...


First picture by Gilbert Williams. Second picture from R.J.Stewart's Dreampower Tarot Deck
Poem by Lirinen
Introductory discussion of Aelfheim by Sileniel