I find shapeshifting to be a facinating subject, so here is a page that explores different aspects of the shifter. If anyone has any information about tree melding, I would be interested (no wicked thoughts, all). My interest comes from some experiences where people say that I have looked as if I had come out of a tree, or have seen my hands and feet look like roots. Do I believe that Shifters in fact exist? Look around and draw your own conclusions.

"Shapechanging in practice essentially breaks down into two main areas that for the purposes of discussion I've decided to call "Out of body" shifting and "Altered State" shifting. The two are related: altered state shapeshifting in particular using some of the methods of consciousness altering employed in out-of-body voyages but they are sufficiently different to enable them to be considered separately." -- Redvane Fox

There are two types of shapeshifting; changing your light body in the astral to power animal, & changing your physical form on the earth plane into an animal. Perhaps this is where the lycanthropy legend actually began. Very adept shamans are said to be able to change their physical human forms into that of animals.

Windigo - Someone who is one of the astral shifters

The Clan of the Cats -- A very interesting on-line comic strip published daily, which is about a girl who shapeshifts into a panther when agitated. The girl's family is cursed so they cannot determine just when they are going to shift...

Stone Knife Clan Homepage -- A site by cat people, for cat people and other werecreatures


The Leopard's Tree -- Elist for shapeshifters..

You just might be a Werecat if:

  1. You panic when your mom talks about spaying or neutering the house cat.
  2. When you walk by a sandbox, you have the urge to relieve yourself.
  3. When you hear a catfight in the neighborhood, you puff up twice as big.
  4. At the zoo all of the big cats sit still and stare at you...
  5. You can't get from your car to the front door without the neighbor's dogs chasing you.
  6. You feel more comfortable sleeping in tree limbs than in a bed.
  7. You would rather lick yourself from head to toe than take a shower.
  8. When Spring rolls around you can't stop peeing on furniture and caterwauling.
  9. Mice suddenly seem like a tempting gourmet.
  10. The "Meow Mix" theme song suddenly makes sense.
  11. You shed everywhere
  12. During Spring the neighborhood cats won't leave you alone.
  13. You get chased up trees a lot.
  14. The dogs that chase you see you shapeshift and retreat, yipping, holding their tails between their legs.
  15. You've been sharpening your claws on the furniture.
  16. People in the neighborhood are disappearing and you wake every morning with the window open and blood on your hands (joke!).
  17. You have an uncontrollable urge to sashay as you walk.
  18. You lament at the lack of Werecat films and books.
  19. Being "catty" takes on a whole new meaning.
  20. Mouse - mmmm, tastes like chicken!

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