The Waystrands

What are the Waystrands? They are the ways between --
the strands of connection that can be danced and followed and walked but never held, the sentience underlying the interactons and Webs between all matter and energies and realms - the sentience of symbiosis. The search goes on for a way to find the Waystrands and to Travel between realms...

As we walk through the Valley of incarnation in the realm of 3-D solidity, if we still the mental chatter and listen with the feet, we may feel flows through the "solid" land, as if it were a river or an air current. The flows do not originate from a fixed direction, but are native to a particular area of land as it moves through time and space, as it flows slowly but fluidly in the realm of matter and energy. These flows are not restricted only to the ground, but also include the air and the waters, and possibly even the migrations of creatures.

The land is massive enough so that its physical flows may create ripple-effect flows outside of our realm, perhaps outside of time and space. Or who knows, it could be said that all flows in the physical world are a ripple effect of something outside of the three known physical dimensions. Either way, there exists a point or path where the two connect. If these paths can be sensed and walked, they can be very helpful in Travel beyond this realm. These connections between the realms I've dubbed Waystrands. The Waystrands are composed of the "element" of the space between all things. They seem to exist in the space of symbiosis between different energy patterns...more of the space between the interactions than one or the other. They are sentient in a way, the sentience of symbiosis.

The Waystrands can be sensed or felt as they also sense and feel the observer. In some cases they can be walked with the physical feet, as happens when one finds oneself on a "faerie path" that disappears and is no longer there when one returns to the same spot. The Waystrands are the connectors between many realms.

All things are in relation....including the state of Relation itself. When I feel the flows, I feel the act, react, and the dance between them as sentience birthing sentience...and that dancing and spiraling out in a kinesthetic resonance of sliding feels all the way through the worlds....the dance of surface tensions within and without each interaction.

But how to find the Waystrands? It could be that first tapping into the massive Landflows may provide a key to finding the Waystrands. Merging with the Landflow would automatically place one in the right direction to tap into the "outside" counterpart of the land flow.

Those who are able to tap the Waystrands are called (by me) Walkers. Once a Walker has tapped into a Waystrand, he or she can walk the Waystrand to visit the realm that connects to this one through it. Practice brings familiarity with the feel of the Waystrands -- each of them is unique but there is a definite feel to them. Surfing the Waystrands can lead to some very interesting places... (I use the term "places" loosely!).

The intent of this website will be to create a journal that records experiments and experiences that I and others have in working with sensing the landflows and finding/walking the Waystrands. I have no idea where this will take us, but I think it will be interesting to say the least.

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