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Jamming…I am Jamming…

by rialian - November 1st, 2011.
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===Ok, I just finished Jamming….between yesterday and today, I have made 14 jars of Jalapeno jam ( http://www.pickyourown.org/pepper_jelly.htm ) would be where I got the recipe.  Definitely check the site out, it also tells you how to make your own pectin….

===Next time I might actually wear gloves.  My hands are actually not bad, I got most of the oils washed off, but there are a few spots that did get a tad bit more exposure, and i can feel a very mild heat.

===Next project in the teaching myself new things in the kitchen is going to be making my own egg noodles, methinks.

===So, we had a fair bit of snow, which is mostly gone as it was 60 around here today.  The quick hoops did their job…my pepper plants under them survived the cold and snow, as did the rest of the plants under there.  My animals and the structures I built for them also did well (one place I had not quite gotten the overlap right on the coop roof has a slight bit of leak-through to the wood, but that is now fixed.)

===Hallows was nice, although far more low-key for us than in past years. (my wife has a bit of the crud that seems to be hitting a number of folks, I may or may not have had it last week, or this is something else I get to look forward to…we shall see). So, a quiet evening at home.

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