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by rialian - November 11th, 2011.
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===Ok, I was going to title this something else, but then I suddenly had a kitten in my lap.

===I have things working pretty well with Sabayon…finally got Enlightenment to work properly. (erased the first config file for it, and re-started it.  It wrote a new one up, and that has been doing great.) There are things I like about enlightenment, and things that may take getting used to…will be switching back and forth with XFCE and see what works best. (I have been interested in the Enlightenment desktop for a long while, this is the first time I have had it on a machine and have it work properly.)

===Loading things takes a tad longer in Sabayon that it did with Ubuntu and Crunchbang, but once they are up?  fastest and smoothest functioning ever. 

===Only odd issue I am having is with LJ, where the page sometimes decides to not load completely…I suspect that might be an LJ issue, or might be my https everywhere plugin…hard to say.

===It is wonderful outside today…grey, windy, autumnal….my sort of weather. (I find grey autumn days really beautiful….)

===The plans for this weekend are pretty much going to be inside, though.  I have a table at the Festival of Lights (psychic fair and alternative healing expo in town), so I am hoping to get some exposure in regards to my tarot reading.

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