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Goblin Markets…

by rialian - November 25th, 2011.
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===Just letting a bunch of my friends know: Goblin Markets is on sale.  Go HERE for it.  (For those who are not aware of it, Deliria was an awesome game done developed by Phil Brucato, that was meant to be “Changeling done right”.  I would say he succeeded.  This is the long-awaited supplement for it.

===Deliria is to the sort of book that I would tell you to have on your shelves even if you were not a gamer and were never were planning on being a gamer.  It is a GREAT example of what I think an RPG is: Modern mythology-creation by inspired people.  This one I think gets the underlying heart of what faery can be, and is written by someone who understands what the mythic feel IS (and is not).  If you can find the original book…get it.  I suspect they will re-release eventually…but this is worth finding before then.

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