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Measure of seasons

by rialian - December 2nd, 2011.
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===Today was the first morning of frozen water bottles for the rabbits. 

===To be fair, it was more the first morning of the outer hutches water bottles being totally frozen, but still, it is a mark of the cold coming in, a more sure sign that winter has really begun to flex its’ coldness into the world here.  (and yes, I know that thermodynamics and science calls cold a lack of heat, not a thing in and of itself….but it has always felt more like its’s own entity than a lack of something.  Cold has a soul and spirit all of its’ own, something that feels rather different to me than a negative amount of heat, but I suppose that is the more poetic side speaking, the more animistic…)

===All seasons have their telltales, their faery tokens,that are given for your attention to mind and note.  One of mine is apparently the ice in frozen waterers for my animals.

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