Treesongs of the Gentle and the Mighty

-- The Gathering --

Seven Stars in the midnight sky
Seven trees in the deepest wood
Seven sparks from an elf child's eye
Seven moons when the tides are good

Seven babes in the elf maid's care
Seven elven warriors true
Seven riders of the silver air
Seven hours when hopes are few

Seven chimes to sound the call
Seven leagues to walk the vale
Seven days to gather all
Seven ships across to sail

-- Yllirien --

Ever will I remember the Gardens of Yllirien
Throughout all lifetimes
Throughout all barren deserts
Throughout all wastelands
The Gardens of Yllirien will sing to me

I saved one seed from the Gardens of Yllirien
One seed have I saved to plant anew
That the energy spires of the Mighty Ones
May once again be seen
Silvery rays in the sky

And the vast beings of Gold Light
Who dwelt in the darkest and deepest part
of the Forest-Gardens of Yllirien
May once again find a home
And commune with me, the Gardener.


For I needed not tend them, they tended me
I needed not alter their appearance in any way
Their appearance was perfect

But I sang to them, and I sang with them,
So that they would grow in love
To make the Healing Groves
And the Singing Groves
and the Whispering Groves
and the Laughing Groves
In an infinite array of life's creation

-- Elf --

A blood old and proud in your veins
The depth of the wood in your heart,
A star's light long ago made its home in your eyes
But keep the stealth of the woodland beings
That you be not confined or consumed
For that which has not, will seek to grasp
And that which is not free cannot abide freedom
Wearing, then, the cloak of the invisible
Unbounded, sing with your people in the forest.

-- Startree --
In a woodland far from view,
a tree stands tall and moonlit-fair
Branches search the starry night
with mossy strands of velvet hair
Traveling deep to rocks below,
roots drink deep from waters dark
Creatures nest and wanderers rest,
sheltered by the silver bark.
I walked a winding, aimless path
that led me to an unknown place
An endless wood grew all about,
and of my path I found no trace.
Weary now, I sat to rest,
swiftly sailing into dream
And never felt the strands of moss
as branches swayed beside the stream
"You've wandered long on restless roots,
and you will wander still afar
But have you felt the heart of life,
or spoken with a distant star?"

I felt my form become as air,
and looking toward the silver light
To all the stars above the wood,
I danced a greeting in the night
Then flowing water I became,
ever downward, black and deep
Swimming free through veins of rock,
the bones of earth where taproots creep
The morning came, the sun's sweet light,
cast shadows in the deepest wood
Refreshed from sleep and peaceful dream,
I felt again that life was good.
The path before me stretched afield,
I was not sure why it had hidden
When night had cast its velvet cloak,
and stars had danced with me unbidden
I looked to thank the silver tree,
but knew I'd never find it there
I'd gone too far away to see
that hidden woodland, moonlit fair.



-- The Ancient Wood in the Heart of the City --

The clear spring laughed in the starlit night
As I walked the path in my hidden wood
To the shadowed grove where the flowers dance
and moonbeams wed with leaf and stream
Far away from the city's light

"Welcome be," said the wood to me,
"Stay and tell what you have seen
For you have traveled round the globe
While tall I stood and deep I delved
But naught of men I see."

Sadly I began my tale,
and told the Wood what I had seen
The woodland listened as I spoke
Rustling softly in the mist,
silver in the moolight pale.

"Mighty kings of wrath and greed
wage vast destruction in their paths
The streams are dried, the birds have died
The mighty wood is laid to waste
And the gentle creatures bleed.

The dwellers of the ocean deep
have fled their lairs and drowned above
Creatures once of great reknown
Are gone forever from this world
For eternity to sleep"

"Take these seeds," said the wood to me
"Take and plant them where you will
And where you plant, a mighty wood
shall spring anew in the city's heart
Wood and City twined shall be."

Many seeds in the starlit night
Fell softly from the hidden grove
I gathered all that I could find
To travel with me round the globe
To the cities glaring light

Far away from the hidden wood,
I plant a seed from the shadowed grove
So wood and city may entwine
and dwellings wed with tree and stream
where only concrete stood.

The tree of stars -- A poem and accompanying artwork by Eshari.

-- Mountain --

At the Ice Queen's palace
In the blue snow falling
The lovelights came to earth
Their lost home re-calling
They called to the snow
And they called to the thunder
To rebuild a paradise
Of beauty and wonder

-- Elfland's Door --

Flow down, green river to Elfland's door
And give your life to my heart's desire
That my love and I love ever more
And light again love's ancient fire

Flow down, Green River to your lowland bed
And give your life to the flowers sweet
For there my love and I will wed
With Flower Gardens round our feet

Flow down, Green River to the Woodland Deep
And give your life to the Velvet Grass
For there my love and I will sleep
On a velvet bed the night we'll pass

Flow down Green River to that special Place
Where dreams are real and vision clear
That I may see him face to face
And the comfort of my voice he'll hear.

Lady Fair

Oh silver wind that crosses over ocean, wood and snow
Keep watch upon my wandering heart
For my lady fair will carry it wherever she may go
And it's not been mine since we did part

I see her in the morning mist that rises to the sun
And in life's song I hear her speak
Always I will find her there as long as time may run
For she's the one my heart will seek

May the many paths I walk by day and dream by moonlit night
Guide me as I move my feet
To the ancient crossroads where in Heaven's light
I and my lady fair once more will meet.

-- River --

When Midsummer's dawning
Under lightwaves shimmering
Chases the darkness
From the green lake glimmering
Her face escapes memory
As she comes from the water
To sing with the river's voice
The mountain lake's daughter


-- Phoenix --

From the last spark storming
In the void of the last morning
From the last lifelight dying
Rose the first Starbird singing
Its Forevervoice bringing
Infinity Reborn Flying

-- Mind --

Broken castles are rebuilt
When real in truth is real in mind
And truth removes the cloak of guilt
Where life has often been confined
Love of life is love renewed
When Love creates its answered chord
Alive is life with love imbued
By means of Love's discerning sword...


-- Starfountain --

I waited by the shores of the Star Fountain
Thinking of you
Across the many hills of the Far Mountain
While the day was still new

I waited by the Gates of the King's palace
Before all was lost
I drank the bitter dregs of a fool's chalice
And our lives were the cost

I waited by the light of a grey morning
In a land bare and cold
The robins of the air sang the first warning
In their Song sweet and old

Then I knew that we would share all of Life's Knowing
When you came to me
And we would feel the warmth of the winds blowing
On the Lavender Sea

-- Temple --

South of Forever
but north of space
where stars are the children
of word and grace
where will is true
and truth seeks light
light's temple awakes
its bed of night...

-- Dreamsinger --

Reflect the wind, Dreamsinger
In dancing freedom of rainbow wing
And sing of the sun spinning
from winter ice
the warmth of spring...

-- Before me You Stood --

You who were lost so long ago,
You of whom I dreamed in the golden land
You to whom I spoke in a language with no words,
Across the void of space and time.

I called to you and sang the Song of your Name
To the winds of the air that carry all messages
The winds, that carried Songs since the beginning
But you gave no answer

I inscribed your Rune upon the Trees of the Ancient Wood
Trees much older than you or I
But now the Trees are gone and scattered in the wind
And still you have not returned

I placed your Crest upon the Forgotten Mountains
Mountains older than memory
But now the mountains are crumbled into the Ocean sand
And silence was your only answer.

I sat alone in the Silence, no more calling you to me
And began to sing to the wood around me
And as the wood began to awaken and sing with me
I looked up, and before me you stood.

-- The Queen --

I walked upon a starlit night, it was the winter cold
I waited for the Moon to rise, and show what Fate would hold
T'was then I saw a Lady Fair with eyes of deepest green
Her hair was fiery strands of light, like none I'd ever seen

Her step made no sound as she passed, her body was so slight
And I was sure that if she would, she surely could take flight
She stopped before she passed me by - These words she said to me
Come and let us make our bed beneath yon Greenwood tree

Before you take your leave come Day, one gift I'll give to thee
The gift I give will be whatever you shall ask of me
I lay with her the whole night through and clasped her to my chest
And knew before the morning's dew no gift would give me rest

Excepting if my Lady Fair would ever with me stay
And never would we part again or go our separate way
I see that you have made your wish, my lady to me said
And then she placed a silver crown, upon my weathered head

For she was queen of all the fey, and I am now their king
And if you pass the Greenwood tree, you'll sometimes hear us sing
We sing of winters long and cold and springtimes warm and bright
And of a lady's wondrous hair, of fiery strands of light.

-- The Other --

Your odd eyes pierce me with unveiled desire
Your cat form arches sleek to my touch of fire
You tangle your pale limbs with mine
Barriers vanish and no more confine...
We ride each other to the place of our Being
The Other's soul through my eyes Seeing
Breathless, I taste your pale skin so fair
Loving, I rest in your shimmering hair.

-- Love --

I love you
I have always loved you
From the beginning
From beyond this life
From beyond death
From beyond the stars
From the outer darkness
In all universes
I will love you for all time
And where there is no time
but now

-- Fire Girl --

Fire Girl of Spirit Free dancing on a Star
Memory of loving thee, Vision from afar
Fire Girl of day and night, spinning on the wheel
Memory of Dark and Light and what it's like to feel

Fire girl of passion's song, River's running heat
Memory of love so strong, and of a bond complete
Fire girl of here and now, Feeling, Hearing, Scent
Memory of honor's vow and what you've always meant

-- Phoenix Tree --

From the ashes rise, until you meet the fire of the sun
To burn, your ashes with the earth now merging into one
A tree, from ashes growing, dances with the sun again
Its roots, a bridge of lifetimes, drinking deeply of the icy rain
Love's tapestry is interwoven, branches dancing in the velvet night,
As the leaves are gently falling, singing stories of the Sun's sweet Light

-- The Spinner --

Oh, tell me a story, spin me a tale!
Of clouds and white castles, and young maidens pale!
Of two lovers Dancing, their Hearts ever One
in a Forest of Starlight where Magic is done!!

Speak of great knowledge that sets the soul free,
and tell me of kingdoms that few ever see
Where Love is Creation unbounded by death
and its song of completion is born of each breath.

Weave a fine Pathway of shimmering light
To keep the far-travelers safe in the night...
As they travel the world ever seeking the way
to the place where they hear what the Heart has to say...

-- Gaia --

Life lives and breathes upon its bed of molten stone,
One being, though divided, yet remains alone.
Your Life I Dream to you as You Dream mine to me,
Your breath and mine shall clear, our hearts fly free
From chains that bound your lives, lived not in vain
As wings of music warm your face again...

-- The Song --

The Song sings into being
a single note of light,
the sound and touch of color,
the harmony of many and of one...
bringing the others from sleep
to awakening and dance
the song perceives itself,
and form is the answer
given to a question unasked...
while the stars laugh

-- Dance --

Starlight slipped past the blanket of trees
To Dance in the forest brightly glimmering
And by its deep shadows the greenwood frees
The beauty of Darkness revealed by Light's shimmering...

-- Waters --

The Waters of Life fall from the Place of the Edge,
and break upon the hidden cliffs of the Island.
Thus spent, they gently deliver their bounty
upon the shores of the Realm,
a bounty of shells and jewels,
starlight and sustenance,
and that rarest gift in all universes,
the sacred, silver-blue Waters themselves.
Birds of light ever circling
hold the Perimeter of the Balance
while the disk of the sky
wheels overhead for eternity
Such was the communion of the Gardeners
and the Trees...

-- Dawn Star Rising --

The translucent river of starlight
sparkles through bone and soul
like love's warmth shimmering
in the cold of space
Wings of radiance, so needful of flight
leap from the world's edge
a flash of light on the horizon
free in dawn's embrace

-- Leaf --

Silver starlight sings and dreams
The Song of Many and of One
And webs of Singing and of Dreaming
Dance and Weave
the Tapestry of Worlds...

Sparks of Green on rock and earth
Coalesced from Light and Wind,
Ever reaching toward the sun,
Embrace the deep...
and so a Leaf unfurls

-- Stars --

The Stars are gone across the Sea
and left the land of time behind
on wings of laughter ringing free
escaped the touch of years unkind
A time will come, I know not when
That I will see the Stars again
for then on wings of laughter free
I'll be a Star across the Sea...

-- Remembering --

I heard a voice among the trees, singing softly in the night
A song of ages gone before, yet reaching to a distant star
The voice came floating on the breeze, and danced between the Dark and Light
From water's edge on River's shore, it sang of lands now lost afar.

Following this elven song, I made my way into the wood
And listened to the River flow, its song entwined with music fae
I found the way both steep and long, but nonetheless my pace was good
And swiftly toward the voice did go, until I knew I'd lost my way.

Upon my path I walked steadfast, no matter that I knew not where
And as the singer's voice grew near, ever faster was my pace!
Through the veil of trees I passed, and saw before me one so fair
His face was free from hate or fear, and where he walked, he left no trace.

His golden hair fell to his belt, his golden bow he carried high
And from his mouth a song did come, that spoke of realms beyond these lands
His song made many walls to melt, and caused my Spirit far to fly
I saw that I'd been truly numb, and joy had fled by my own hands

"By Silver Wind, By Starlight's Flame, By River Swift, By Ancient Tree
Though my way be long indeed, though mired I be in Earthen sand
Let me not forget my Name, let me always clearly See
Let me help my Friends in need, and let me find my Elven Land."

-- The Song --

Knowledge of the Song lives evermore with us
The many-colored song awakens sleeping life
Dancers gold and bright now skyward swiftly fly
To dance a song most rare and shape the Land anew
In Joy's creations, born of spinning Spirit's truth
The Land sings back, as always it has done
"Welcome home, my Friends, yet Time has never passed"
It is now done, and always has been so.
Selected images are by Gilbert Williams scanned from purchased greeting cards. These images inspired some of the poems above, and I wanted to provide that context.