Dance will I with the stars in the sky
and the stars that shone in their eyes
For the light they weave is the song they leave
That sings to the morning skies!

Welcome to Yllirien, land of the singing trees.
Padraig, (C) 1997 Mark Ivan Cole
I am Yldann, walker of waystrands and singer with the trees. As I walk in the gardens of my home, my singing shapes them as theirs shapes me -- from our entwined songs are created the many Groves of the forest. Our love songs create the Groves of Passion, our healing songs create the Healing Groves, and our mirthful, joyous songs create the Laughing Groves -- and there is yet more, so much more.  

Great Trees reach for the heavens, their energy pouring forth as silver spires of light in the darkest depths of the Wood. These are the Mighty Ones, who have been here long before the Mountains rose from the Sea, long before the Silver River swept down from the crags to water the deep. When I am ready, these shall teach me their Song. It is a Song of Making and of Enduring, for in their History is the History of the Beginning, and of an Ending that was before the Beginning. How they endured through the Great Cycle is the mystery I must now learn.


You who were lost so long ago,
You of whom I dreamed in the golden land
You to whom I spoke in a language with no words,
Across the void of space and time.

I called to you and sang the Song of your Name
To the winds of the air that carry all messages
The winds, that carried Songs since the beginning
But you gave no answer

I inscribed your Rune upon the Trees of the Ancient Wood
Trees much older than you or I
But now the Trees are gone and scattered in the wind
And still you have not returned

I placed your Crest upon the Forgotten Mountains
Mountains older than memory
But now the mountains are crumbled into the Ocean sand
And silence was your only answer.

I sat alone in the Silence, no more calling you to me
And began to sing to the wood around me
And as the wood began to awaken and sing with me
I looked up, and before me you stood.



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I could sing of white castles of wonder and awe
I could sing of the carnival dancers of doom
I could sing of the wonders that Babylon saw
I could sing of red rubies as large as this room

But I sing with the trees that grow green in the wood
and I sing with the trees that stand tall in the town
I would sing with the trees all day long if I could
and no song would I sing if the Trees were all down.

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